Monday, May 2, 2016

God's Blessings are Greater than Any Sacrifice We Make to Receive Them

Here's Nicole's April 25th email:

"Happy Monday!!

    We're going to the Temple on Thursday but because we live 3 hours away, we wouldn't have time to finish everything and got permission to do our shopping and emailing today still :) I just want to say how excited I am for the will be a much much needed trip!

    This week was pretty good. We found 2 new investigators! The first, is Michelle. She lives next to a less active family,the Sobrevillas. Michelle talked with missionaries in the past and is very interested in learning more. We taught her the Restoration and she has lots of good questions. She already believes the God the Father and Jesus Christ are 2 separate beings with bodies of flesh and bone, which is awesome!!! It's such a simple thing that a lot of people don't see being so important. As long as we believe in God, that's all that doesn't matter if He has a body or if He's just a Spirit....that's the typical belief. But, it matters a lot more than realized. Knowing who God truly is and His nature helps us see who we can become. It makes our relationship with Him more personal and gives us hope. I'm super excited to teach Michelle some more and to help her come to accept this restored Gospel!!! 

     The second investigator goes by the name of "Cookie". Her husband is a less active member who doesn't really care either way when it comes to religion. Cookie is strong in her baptist beliefs, but is open and willing to read the Book of Mormon and has agreed to let us come over and read with her. She says she's not going to change but is interested in learning more about our beliefs and how her husband was raised. She said she's open to the idea that the Book of Mormon could be the word of God, even though she doesn't necessarily see the need for it. I know that if she sincerely reads and prays about the Book of Mormon, like she says she will, the Spirit will testify to her of the truthfulness of it. The Book of Mormon is evidence of the Restoration. It has changed my life and continues to do so every day. I invite everyone to read the Book of Mormon whether or not you've already read and no matter how many times you've read it. It will change your life and it will bring you closer to Jesus Christ. I'm excited to go back and read with Cookie!! 

       We saw the Colliers again this week! They're such a sweet family! They're basically Mormon already and just need to be baptized. We're focusing on their daughter, Jasmine. She opened up a little more and talked about how she wants to change and be better. We hope and pray she'll sincerely consider will do just that!!! It will provide that new start that she's looking for. Her dad wants her to be baptized to and we're going to tell him next time he has to set that example first! 

       Friday we had a district meeting with President and Sister was a lot of fun and I can't wait to go to the Temple with all the elders!!! Pictures included :)

      Yesterday, we went to the youth academy again! I love going there! Those cadets make me so happy. The way they put church as a priority at such a young age is incredible! They are wonderful missionaries too, always bringing someone new to our meeting!! I love those cadets so much! Next Sunday will be my last with them and it's very bittersweet....the few short weeks we've had with them has impacted me for the rest of my life! 

      Now for a funny story of the week!!! Saturday morning while we were doing exercise, I decided to do some wall sits. I went up to one of our trailer doors that we never use (it's always closed and locked) and started my wall thing I know, the door swings open and I'm falling backwards out of the trailer. Haha, my first thought was "how?", then "hahahahaha", then "ow!!" I painfully hit my head on the railing, but all is well!!! Nothing major happened! It just amazed me how that always seems to happen to moment I'm up and doing something, the next I'm on the ground in pain...haha. It was pretty funny and kept the day interesting :) 

      I love my calling...I love every aspect of it. I know missionary work brings the greatest amount of joy and I have cherished every second of the last 18 months.....I can't thank my Father in Heaven enough for these experiences!! I love you all and hope you have a wonderful week!! 

Sister Wilson"

Kamiah District

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