Monday, June 29, 2015

Stand For What's Right, Even If You Stand Alone

We just LOVE getting emails from Nicole on Mondays!
We also love the pictures she sends from time to time.
Check out her latest email (with pictures) below:

"Hey everyone!! 
    This week was tough again...Sister Kulcsar was sick all week until Friday. Luckily, we had many tender mercies and still got work done! 

     Monday, the Grand Forks sisters (the Canada sisters) came to stay the night with us so we got to go on splits! I GOT TO GO OUT AND TALK TO PEOPLE!!! It was so much fun!!! Sister Day came out with me and she's awesome! A recent convert, Jeanine, lives with a family who does foster care. Jeanine herself is a foster child about to get adopted. They have 2 new foster girls, Tatiana and Pamela, who live there now. They come from really really tough's heartbreaking. We had an awesome lesson with them about the Atonement and how Christ helps through these tough times! I hope they will have a desire to learn more and to make steps towards Christ that lead them to baptism...this will bless their lives so much and they need it!! 

     Tuesday I had a lot of time to study since we were inside all day. I studied a lot on the Atonement of Jesus Christ. It was amazing to me to read and learn about Pontius Pilate. In every account, Pilate mentioned numerous times that Christ was innocent and that He had no fault. Nonetheless, Pilate withered under the pressure of the multitude. It reminded me that we need to stand for what's right, even if you stand alone. It's not always easy, but it's always worth it. No matter what, if you do what's right, God will be fighting FOR you.....this means you will ALWAYS win! 

      Wednesday...I went crazy...I can't take a week and a half of being homebound.

      Thursday, I did weekly planning on my own again. I also broke down. I've had many challenging weeks on my mission. I've had weeks where I was homesick, depressed, had troubles with my testimony, etc. Those were very challenging weeks that I didn't particularly love. Nonetheless, these past 2 weeks were harder than all those weeks combined. There's nothing worse than not being able to share the restored gospel of Jesus Christ with people who don't have it. So, Thursday I asked Brother Gilson (the member we live with) to give me a blessing. Then I decided (after talking to my Sister Training Leader-the sister missionary over all the sisters in the area) to call a couple members for splits. Miraculously enough, the first 2 people I called were available to go out with me and stay with Sister Kulcsar! BLESSINGS!!!! It was one of the happiest days ever to be able to go out and work! Sister Nelson, from Clayton ward, came with me to see our investigator Ruth. Ruth is doing so awesome!! She is reading the Book of Mormon. She said she didn't see how it related to her, so we got to show her all the parallels that were was so great!! We also got to see a part-member family, the Schmidts!! The mom is a less active member and her 3 boys, Jayden, Gavin and Gage, are super awesome!! We talked about baptism and they all expressed a's just a matter of getting the mom involved! We're hopeful!

      Friday we were able to go out and work again because Sister Kulcsar was feeling better. We had a neat experience with this guy, Kurt. We met Kurt outside and started talking to him. He has a lot of problems with the world today. He asked A LOT of questions like, "why is all this bad stuff going on?" After listening to him go on and on about all this stuff, I came to realize that every single one of his questions and concerns were found/addressed in the Book of Mormon. We told him that and he refused to read it. He said he didn't believe it and he hasn't even read it. I flat out told him that all his answers were found in there. We asked him to pray about it and he wouldn't. I said, "Kurt, you will NEVER know truth if you don't ask God...never!" God is the source of all truth, so why turn to someone, or something, else? The Book of Mormon is true!! I've asked God and He told me it was! It answers all questions, brings peace, joy, and happiness! In the words of Elder Pearson, "Read the Book of Mormon everyday, everyday, everyday!" It will change your changed mine. 

      Saturday we were able to work all afternoon. It was so great! These past 2 weeks I've learned a lot about patience and long suffering. I've also learned about how much joy the gospel and teaching others about it brings. I'm super excited to talk to everyone I see this week! I'm so grateful for my calling as a servant of the Lord full-time! The gospel is true!! 

       Exciting news!! We're getting our new mission president this week! It will be very exciting and fun to see what he brings to the mission!

      Last, but not least, I've come to see just how blessed I am. The past month-ish, I've become very grateful for all of you! Some of my companions don't hear much from home, don't have support from home (financially, emotionally, etc), or are very distracted for whatever reason. I'm so grateful for all the love and support I receive...for all the letters, emails, prayers, packages, etc. I really appreciate ya'll and all that you do for me. I'm sorry if I ever took any of you for granted and I will do a much better job from now on! 

     I love you all. I love my Savior. I love my calling more than anything. I love being here and I'm grateful for all the blessings, including trials, that I go through! This is my testimony in the name of Jesus, Christ, Amen. 


Sister Wilson"

"This scratch on my hand is from our member's cat...yes mom, I'm fine :)"

"This creepy/cool mailbox was at a house we tried...
no, the people weren't interested. They opened the door,
saw us, said "no thank you" and closed it...haha"

"Sister Kulcsar and I next to a mission field sign"

"Take it, I'm 1/2 way done, but I still feel like I just started so
I thought it was appropriate :)"

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Week of Learning

Sorry I'm behind in updated this week!
Here's Nicole's last email home:


     As the title of the email states, this was a week of learning for me. Not much happened this week. Sister Kulcsar was sick literally ALL week. This means we stayed inside all day every day. It. Was. AWFUL!!!!! First off, I felt so bad for her being so sick. But, worst of all, we couldn't be out talking to people about Jesus Christ and His restored gospel. It was super hard, but also a huge blessing that I am very grateful for....Sister Kulcsar would disagree though :) This circumstance caused me to really focus on my mission. I didn't have time to think about home or my family or any other distraction. I really had to focus on how I would wisely use the Lord's time. I was able to get so much done on the area book and ward was so great! Weekly Planning on my own was super hard. Together, we never get done with planning for 2 wards, even though we have 5 hours to do it. I was so nervous about not getting enough done, but the Lord helped me to get more done on planning than we normally do together....tender mercy!! 

     This week the Lord pushed me outside of my comfort zone. We have a list of people who are potentials, which means they have the potential to hearing the lessons from the missionaries and accepting the gospel. These are people who may be interested. A lot of these people had given the missionaries their number. I felt prompted to go through and call everyone.....I would much rather go talk to people in person, or be rejected in person, than on the phone. I don't know why, I just don't like calling these potentials. Nonetheless, I called all of them. I know this seems really small, but the Atonement covers EVERYTHING and can strengthen us in EVERYTHING no matter how big or how small. I was able to use the Atonement a lot this week to give me confidence, and inspiration on what He would have me do! 

       Despite Sister Kulcsar being sick, we did get to do a couple of fun things. We're getting a new mission president July 1, so we had one last hurrah with President and Sister Mullen! The pictures are from that day...we had what they called Muffins with the Mullens! It was so fun and we have loved serving under them! How blessed I feel to get to know them! I'm excited for the new mission president to come and to get to know him as well! 

       The second fun thing we got to do was an exchange! Sister Smith from Grand Forks, Canada came to Deer Park to work with me! Oh how good it felt to be out and talk to people!!! It was a lot of fun and I loved getting to know her :)

       That's about it for this week! I love my it love it love it!! I love my Savior, Jesus Christ! I love all the trials we get to go through that strengthen us, even if it's not our own trial. I love talking to people about Jesus Christ and the unfailing love He has for each person! These past 8 months have flown by and they have been hard, trying, and so worth every second! I hope everyone had a wonderful Father's Day! I love you all and hope ya'll have a great week!

Sister Wilson"

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Belief is a Choice

Here's Nicole's most recent email home.
She even sent us pictures this week!

"Good morning, afternoon and evening (depending on when you read this)!!! 
       This week was pretty darn good! We talked to a lot of people in Deer Park and we met some pretty awesome people!! 

        So, there's a less active lady named Sister Harper. She's in Clayton and I love her!! She inspires me so much! She has breast cancer and has been fighting it for quite some time now. She's been fighting cancer in general for many years. She smokes and her health is so bad. She's going to have to go through surgery and it is very risky with where her health is right now. She's just been having a difficult life lately...nonetheless, she puts her trust so heavily on her Heavenly Father! She knows it is all in her hands and she has no doubt that whatever happens is part of His plan. I wish I was more like her in the midst of my tribulations. May we all remember that His plan, including all of our tests, is PERFECT! How blessed we are to know His hand is in all things! I love Sister Harper! 

       Friday, I got to meet ANOTHER member of the 70, Elder Clayton! How blessed I am to meet so many general authorities of Christ's church! I've shaken so many hands of people who are called and inspired of God to lead His Church! Elder Clayton talked a lot about choice and agency. He said no one can make you do anything, it's up to you and how you choose to react. My favorite quote by him is, "No one can make you believe anything. Belief is a CHOICE". No online material, no missionaries, no one and nothing can make someone believe or even disbelieve anything. We can choose to believe in God and believe that He is who He says He is or we can choose to believe all the false information we read online about our Loving Father in Heaven and the wonderful things He does for us. I pray that we will all choose to follow God and turn to Him for truth and believe that He is our Loving Father in Heaven with plans greater for us than we could ever imagine! 

    Saturday....BETH GOT BAPTIZED!!!!!!!!!! It was the greatest!! It all went sooooo well! She bore her testimony after she was baptized about how she knows, without a shadow of a doubt, that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is true and that she is exactly where she's suppose to be. It was so powerful! We even had on of our new investigators (Ruth) in Clayton, who is very very stubborn, attend. She said it was interesting (in a good way) and that she feels more interested! It's so amazing...Beth's miracle, may end up being Ruth's miracle too :) The Gospel is True :)

    Sunday, Beth got confirmed an official member :) It was super duper awesome! Also, we unexpectedly got asked to teach went well though :) We taught important! Be will only bring blessings, and miracles into your life! 

     Last, but not least, HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!!! It's this weekend is Father's Day and I am so grateful for my dad and all that he does for me! I love him so much, I sent his father's day card a week early, thinking Father's Day was this past Sunday...oh well :) Most importantly, I am thankful for my Heavenly Father. He has given me every single thing I have! I hope we all cherish and express our appreciation to our earthly and Heavenly Father. We should be doing this daily, but especially as the holiday is coming up! 

     I know I say this each week, but I do love you all! I hope your week is wonderful and that you'll be able to see the good in each day! 

Sister Wilson"

 Sister Kulcsar and Nicole in front of the Temple after Elder Clayton's meeting

Nicole and Sister Kulcsar in front of the Temple after Elder Clayton's meeting.

Sister Kulcsar, Beth, and Nicole at Beth's baptism.

Sister Woehrmeyer and Nicole. Sister Woehrmeyer is the one who introduced
Beth to the church and did so much to get her where she is today. What a
special occasion! :)

Sister Kulcsar and Nicole at Beth's baptism.

Sister Kulcsar and Nicole at Beth's baptism.

Monday, June 8, 2015

Prayer is Powerful

Here's the email we got from Nicole today! Enjoy!!

"Hey Everyone! 

      This week was pretty good, and busy. I saw lots of miracles and learned so so much! I am so blessed and grateful for all the learning experiences I'm given! 

      So, we met a lady this week outside working in her yard. We walked up to her and started talking with her. She asked us if we were Mormon and we said yes. She replied, "oh I'm sorry". We just looked at her and questioned why? Haha, she then explained how we've been trained and she highly encouraged us to go read a book by some guy I've never heard of (I think he was a pastor?). I calmly and politely explained, "I turn to God for my answers and guidance, not man". She wasn't too happy about that and told us that Jesus Christ is the Son of God. When we agreed, she still wasn't happy. When we left, I just thought about how important it is to know where to turn to for Truth. When you're turning to the internet or to a book (other than scripture) or anything other than God, you are turning to MAN. Who do you follow? Who are you preaching about? If the answer is God and Jesus Christ, then turn to them for answers! More often than not people tell us to go research our religion....I have, and that is exactly why I am here. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is TRUE. I have turned to and asked GOD if it was true and He told me. I'm grateful for the knowledge that I have and I'm sad when people don't accept it because of what they hear from other people. Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to bash other religions. I completely accept other people and their beliefs and if they're not interested right now, that's okay. I understand and let them choose for themselves. But, when people tell me to study my religion, I just have to laugh. 

       On Saturday, we did a little district blitz. The elders in Chewelah came down and Sister Kulcsar and I, with the Chewelah elders, went to Riverside to do missionary work in their areas. Elder Shirk (Riverside) handed Sister Kulcsar and I a paper with names and addresses for us to go contact. Our gps is a little different then the elders' in the sense that we need the city before we can type in anything else. The elders' gps doesn't need the city, so they didn't put the cities down. We were getting really stressed out because we couldn't find anything. We called the elders and they gave us a cross street for one of the addresses and we hopelessly tried to find it. We were having no luck and we were so frustrated that the Spirit wasn't there. Finally, I pulled over and said a prayer asking Heavenly Father to please help us. I got a picture of a house we just passed and felt prompted to go back and ask for directions. I turned back and there was a man in his yard who gave us the directions necessary to contact the person the elders wanted us to. The rest of the blitz, we were able to find the roads we needed to get where we needed to go. I was so grateful for all those tender mercies! Prayer is POWERFUL!!! I've learned the power of prayer the most these past 2 transfers. NEVER doubt the power of prayer...EVER!! 

         Yesterday, we were blessed to be able to hear from 2 members of the Seventy, Elder Johnson and Elder Blunt. THEY WERE AWESOME!!! Our General Authorities are so inspired. They called all of us to repentance and stressed the importance of every member a missionary. We are all called to preach the gospel, no exceptions. Elder Johnson explained, "no matter what profession you are (doctor, lawyer, businessman,etc), it is all insignificant compared to the work of salvation among the children of God". It was so bold, but so powerful! He explained when we die, those professions aren't going to come with us. But, the gospel will never have an end to it being taught. I would exhort (highly encourage) every member to more fully fulfill their calling as a missionary. Look for those who are in need and reach out. Follow the promptings of the Spirit...He will never lead you astray. It's my testimony that as we share the gospel, we are allowing not only the people we share it with, but also ourselves to see miracles.

         I hope you all have a wonderful week! Jesus Christ is our Savior and Redeemer and He is always there for us, whether we want Him there or not. He's looking out for us and knows us personally! I love you all and appreciate the prayers and support (:

Sister Wilson"

"The photo is Sister Kulcsar and I with the Riverside elders (whom I love dearly).
Elder Toner and Elder Shirk (with the bird) are super awesome!
The bird is our Ward Mission pooped on Elder Shirk and me....super gross!"

Monday, June 1, 2015

Another Transfer in Deer Park

Here's Nicole's latest email home! They got their
transfer calls yesterday, and Nicole is really happy
to be staying in Deer Park for another transfer.
Read her email below:


    In case the title doesn't give it away, I'm staying in Deer Park with Sister Kulcsar! 

     This past week was kinda crazy. I learned so much...a little more than I wanted to haha. 

     On Wednesday, we had a lesson with our investigator, Tamara. She's soooooo sweet...her husband is a member who doesn't come to church (less active). She really wants him to be active. She has the cutest baby ever and is such a sweetheart! A couple lessons ago we asked her how she felt about baptism. She told us she's hesitant because it's a huge commitment and she doesn't fully understand it. So, on Wednesday, we taught her more about it. At the end of the lesson we asked her if she's ever thought about picking a goal date to be baptized...something she could work towards. Surprisingly enough, she said she'd pray about a date she can work towards!!!! Now, that doesn't sound as exciting unless you know this: the transfer before I got here, the sisters asked her to do just that and she refused. She is progressing!!!!!!! I love watching the progress of all these people..there's no greater joy!

      Thursday was my Atonement day. Sister Kulcsar and I had many opportunities to  use the Atonement on Thursday. I learned a lot about the Atonement, and about the power of prayer. Prayer. Is. Powerful. I love it so much and am so grateful I can communicate personally with my Father in Heaven! What a great gift! Not only did I have personal experiences with the Atonement Thursday, one of our less active members did. There's this less active in Clayton named Megan, Meg, who is super awesome. She's just a miracle story. We met her a little while ago outside. When we started talking to her, she said she knows who we are because she's a member, but her husband isn't. After talking to her, she explained she normally shoos the missionaries away and isn't interested in hearing from us.She did say, though, that her husband and her read the Bible together. We took that as a way in....we asked her if we could do Bible study with her and she agreed!!! We've done it a few times now. On Thursday, we were reading in Matthew 26 about Christ's sufferings in the Garden of Gethsemane. By the time we had to go, she was in tears. She explained how important the Atonement is to her and how grateful she is for it. I. LOVE. The. ATONEMENT!!!!!!!! The Atonement is the greatest act of love ever and we are so blessed through it. I felt truly grateful and humbled to have that opportunity to hear how the Atonement has touched her life. That's why I'm out help people recognize that and know and understand this wonderful gift that Heavenly Father and His Son Jesus Christ have given us! 

        On Friday we had a district lunch, which was so fun! I love my district and I feel truly blessed to have been able to serve with them. In my district, there was Elder Lindsay (district leader), Elder Troseth, Elder Shirk and Elder Greene. Now, every transfer Sunday, we report to our District leader on our week. He then reports to the Zone Leaders and then calls us for transfer calls. I HATE transfers and always get so antsy when they come around. So, Elder Lindsay calls us last night to tell us what happened. He explains he's going to tell us in alphabetical order (in my mind I thought that meant he'd do Sister Kulcsar and then me) and told Sister Kulcsar first that she was staying. Then he said he was going to hang up and call Elder Shirk. THEN HE HUNG UP!! He kept me waiting a good 5 more minutes for my transfer call. Now this might now sound like a huge deal, but it was AWFUL!!! Transfer calls are the calls of doom and I'm not very patient when it comes to them. It was the worst 5 minutes of my life haha. Anyways, it turns out our whole zone is staying the same minus 2 missionaries who are leaving. I'm grateful I get to serve with all these wonderful servants of the Lord for another 6 weeks! 

          This email turned out a lot longer than planned, sorry! But, I want to end with my testimony. I know that God and Jesus Christ live. I know we are given trials that seem too hard to handle sometimes, but that through the Atonement, we can and WILL overcome all things. I know that I am a Daughter of God and that we are all Sons and Daughters of a Father who loves us so much that He gave His Son to die for us. I love my Father and Savior more than I will ever be able to express! I hope you all have a great week! Enjoy the last week of school and always remember who you are. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen. 

Sister Wilson"