Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Belief is a Choice

Here's Nicole's most recent email home.
She even sent us pictures this week!

"Good morning, afternoon and evening (depending on when you read this)!!! 
       This week was pretty darn good! We talked to a lot of people in Deer Park and we met some pretty awesome people!! 

        So, there's a less active lady named Sister Harper. She's in Clayton and I love her!! She inspires me so much! She has breast cancer and has been fighting it for quite some time now. She's been fighting cancer in general for many years. She smokes and her health is so bad. She's going to have to go through surgery and it is very risky with where her health is right now. She's just been having a difficult life lately...nonetheless, she puts her trust so heavily on her Heavenly Father! She knows it is all in her hands and she has no doubt that whatever happens is part of His plan. I wish I was more like her in the midst of my tribulations. May we all remember that His plan, including all of our tests, is PERFECT! How blessed we are to know His hand is in all things! I love Sister Harper! 

       Friday, I got to meet ANOTHER member of the 70, Elder Clayton! How blessed I am to meet so many general authorities of Christ's church! I've shaken so many hands of people who are called and inspired of God to lead His Church! Elder Clayton talked a lot about choice and agency. He said no one can make you do anything, it's up to you and how you choose to react. My favorite quote by him is, "No one can make you believe anything. Belief is a CHOICE". No online material, no missionaries, no one and nothing can make someone believe or even disbelieve anything. We can choose to believe in God and believe that He is who He says He is or we can choose to believe all the false information we read online about our Loving Father in Heaven and the wonderful things He does for us. I pray that we will all choose to follow God and turn to Him for truth and believe that He is our Loving Father in Heaven with plans greater for us than we could ever imagine! 

    Saturday....BETH GOT BAPTIZED!!!!!!!!!! It was the greatest!! It all went sooooo well! She bore her testimony after she was baptized about how she knows, without a shadow of a doubt, that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is true and that she is exactly where she's suppose to be. It was so powerful! We even had on of our new investigators (Ruth) in Clayton, who is very very stubborn, attend. She said it was interesting (in a good way) and that she feels more interested! It's so amazing...Beth's miracle, may end up being Ruth's miracle too :) The Gospel is True :)

    Sunday, Beth got confirmed an official member :) It was super duper awesome! Also, we unexpectedly got asked to teach SundaySchool...it went well though :) We taught obedience....so important! Be obedient....it will only bring blessings, and miracles into your life! 

     Last, but not least, HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!!! It's this weekend is Father's Day and I am so grateful for my dad and all that he does for me! I love him so much, I sent his father's day card a week early, thinking Father's Day was this past Sunday...oh well :) Most importantly, I am thankful for my Heavenly Father. He has given me every single thing I have! I hope we all cherish and express our appreciation to our earthly and Heavenly Father. We should be doing this daily, but especially as the holiday is coming up! 

     I know I say this each week, but I do love you all! I hope your week is wonderful and that you'll be able to see the good in each day! 

Sister Wilson"

 Sister Kulcsar and Nicole in front of the Temple after Elder Clayton's meeting

Nicole and Sister Kulcsar in front of the Temple after Elder Clayton's meeting.

Sister Kulcsar, Beth, and Nicole at Beth's baptism.

Sister Woehrmeyer and Nicole. Sister Woehrmeyer is the one who introduced
Beth to the church and did so much to get her where she is today. What a
special occasion! :)

Sister Kulcsar and Nicole at Beth's baptism.

Sister Kulcsar and Nicole at Beth's baptism.

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