Thursday, March 17, 2016


Here's Nicole's latest email home (from March 14th):

"Good afternoon friends and family!! 

     This week was a little tougher, but oh how I'm grateful for so many things!! Let's start from the beginning: 

     Monday evening we went tracting. The street we had planned to tract was full of dark houses which was pretty discouraging. We found ourselves thinking, "why did we plan this street?" haha, God showed us pretty quickly....there was one lit house and we decided to knock on the door. It turns out a guy named Ryan lives there. We met Ryan a few weeks ago at the gas station and he gave us his number. It had been tough to get a hold of him, but when we met him tonight, we were able to set up a return appointment!! It was a great reminder to me that God's purposes are much higher than ours. It also reminded me that God loves all of his children and will send us anywhere if it so be that we could "bring save it be one soul unto [Him]". 

    Tuesday our investigator, Jhamee, dropped us. She said she's just very overwhelmed with all the different people she's talking with and needs to take a break. The blessing from it? She told us that she will still read the Book of Mormon. She also told us that she feels like she's grown closer to Jesus Christ since meeting with us. She prays differently now and sees Christ in a new way. Even though she's not wanting to meet with us right now, it feels good to know that we were still able to help her come unto Him more fully. Fulfilling our purpose is one of the greatest feelings in the world :) 

     Wednesday we had a lesson with supposedly a new investigator...haha, turns out she invited us over because she's writing a book on different religions and wants to do a section on Mormons and had some questions for us. We were able to make our purpose clear that we are here to help people accept the fulness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ so that they can come to know Him more fully. Another testimony builder of what my purpose is and why/how it's so important! I love those teaching moments =)

    Thursday we had dinner at the Rasmussens. They've been less active for a while, but Sister Rasmussen has expressed the desire to go to the temple!! She was super excited to tell us she's been reading the Book of Mormon on her own, is a full tithe payer, and is trying to get to the Temple! It was exciting to see her so excited about it. She knows the importance of the Temple and it makes me so happy! I love the Temple so much!!! 

    Friday we did splits with some sweet girls, Audrey and Audrey :) We love their desire and willingness to participate in God's work! 

    Saturday we went out to one of the more booniest parts of our area. After spending the whole day there and finding no success, we decided to try one more person before heading home. They're a less active and part member family. The wife, the nonmember, answered and explained that everyone was home sick. We introduced ourselves and offered our help. She politely declined. BUT she said we could come back sometime to share a message about Jesus Christ with her family. I am so hopeful that we'll be able to teach her family and help her husband rekindle the fire he has once felt! 

      Sunday was great. We had wonderful talks in Sacrament meeting about the Atonement and a wonderful lesson in Relief Society about Joseph Smith being called as a prophet! The Spirit was so strong throughout our meetings. The best part about yesterday? The new Easter video produced by the church came out!! Everyone go watch it!!!!!!! Visit It is worth the time and you will feel the Spirit strongly as you listen to these testimonies of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. When we showed it to the member we live with, she immediately asked to watch it again when it was's so good!!! 

      I love you all and pray you have a wonderful week! The church is true! Joseph Smith was called to be a prophet and to restore Christ's church. Christ died for us and rose again. He lives today. I love Him and know He loves me! He loves you and He knows all of us personally! 

Sister Wilson"

Fresh Start

Here's Nicole's March 7th email:

"Good Afternoon!!!! 

      This past week was very slow. A lot of our appointments fell through and we had meetings and we didn't feel like we got a lot of time to proselyte. But, no need to worry....this week will be better :) We are so excited for the fresh start we get and for new opportunities to improve :) 

      Because not a whole lot happened this week, I want to focus on the lessons I learned. 

      First-Don't judge. I was reminded this week the importance of first casting out the beam in my own eyes before trying to cast out the mote of another's. We are all imperfect. If someone was perfect, there would be no need for the Atonement of Jesus Christ. We all make mistakes and we all have weaknesses that are different from others. Regardless, the Atonement of Jesus Christ can cover and fix all. What a blessing it is to know that He will be the Judge....the perfect, most righteous judgement will be given by the One who knows perfectly...I am forever grateful for that! 

     Second-Be patient with everyone, including yourself. It's so easy to get upset with our own weaknesses and to get irritated if we're not improving the way we would like. Again, the Atonement will enable us, but it takes time. God is patient with us, so we should be patient with ourselves too :)

     Third-We have so much hope for a brighter future. I was reminded of this in our testimony meeting yesterday. We were very blessed to hear the sincere, powerful testimonies of many of the youth in the Nine Mile Falls ward. As I sat listening, I leaned over to Sister Foo and whispered, "I LOVE hearing the youth's testimonies!!" She then replied, "this is the rising generation". Immediately I remembered a conversation we had a few weeks back with an older gentleman. He went off on how we should fear the future and how our generation need to step it up and politics this and politics that. He just kept saying how much fear we should have. Sitting in that testimony meeting yesterday, I couldn't help but think about how much HOPE I have for the future and for the rising generation. As we are continually nourishing our testimonies and living the Gospel of Jesus Christ, we don't need to fear. We can look forward to the future! How grateful I am for my testimony and the strength it gives me. I love being a missionary. The Lord has blessed me with so much and my testimony has grown so much.....that is the biggest blessing of all! 

       I hope everyone has a great week!! I love you all :) Always remember how much love God has for you and how much hope we can have through Him!! 

Sister Wilson
Moroni 7:41"

So Blessed

Here's Nicole's email from February 29th!

"Happy Monday!! 

     This week I have seen how blessed I am. I just want to start this letter with my testimony. I know without a doubt that we have a Loving Heavenly Father. He is real and He desires more than anything to bless us. I know that hardships in life are only for our benefit and are meant for us to learn and grow!! I am so grateful for Him!!! 

     Tuesday night I had one of the most powerful lessons I've been in. We were seeing Andy and Aranza, the 7th Day Adventist family we met a couple weeks ago. We went in there and their friend, Tyler (who is also 7th Day Adventist) was there. We started asking them about the Book of Mormon and how their reading of it went. Andy started telling us about all the things that he sees wrong with it and how it can't be true. As we tried to help him understand it a little better, his friend backed us up! Haha, it was pretty cool. We were asked to show them how the Bible and Book of Mormon compliment each other. We showed them a couple scriptures in the Bible that talks about the Book of Mormon and then stopped. Because the best way to know truth is through the Spirit, Sister Foo and I just started testifying. We testified of the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon. Then we were asked how we came to know it's true and I got to share and testify of my conversion while Sister Foo got to share and testify of her experiences as well. We were then asked to share our favorite verses in the Book of Mormon in which we did and testified of! The Spirit there was so strong, I know they all felt it! The Spirit not only led our words, but led their questions in which we could then answer with conviction. Even though they aren't quite ready to accept the Restored Gospel, I know some seeds have been planted. I have gained a better understanding and witness of the importance of the Holy Ghost. God really is leading the work...He leads everyone involved, both the missionaries and everyone we talk to. I am so grateful for this great work!! The church is true!! 

     Wednesday after lunch, Sister Foo and I got locked out of our house. We left the car/house keys inside and Sister Taylor had just left to do some Visiting Teaching. Haha, the best part? We had a container with soup we just made for a sick investigator and we're just strutting down the street with our coats in one hand (it was a beautiful, warm day) and a container of soup. It was pretty funny and we had some awesome members help us out with delivering the soup. It all worked out perfectly though because as we were walking home to see if Sister Taylor was home, we saw our neighbor across the street outside. Missionaries talked to her in the past but haven't been able to catch her because of her busy schedule. We've been trying for a while to meet her and haven't been successful...until today. We talked with her and gave her a Book of Mormon!! After talking with her, our member pulled into the driveway of our house and was able to let us in. It was perfect timing because she was going to go get packed and then head off for the rest of the day/evening to stay the night at her son's house!!! God's plan is so perfect!!! 

      Thursday was weekly planning.

      Friday we met a less active couple that we'll get to work with regularly and we're very excited!! We haven't had a lot of chances to work with less actives and so this got us pumped! 

      Saturday we found 2 new investigators! The first we met because we got lost while trying to find someone. Her name is Cecile. She has a copy of the Book of Mormon already and said she's open to hearing what we have to say :) The next investigator is William Fager. His wife is a less active member and has a desire to come back. Because of their awesome Home Teachers, William wants to be baptized!! We're so excited! They both have agreed to take the missionary lessons and we're over the moon excited to start teaching them! God is preparing His children in the Nine Mile Falls area to accept His Restored Gospel!! We are so blessed to be here =)

       Yesterday we had a remarkable church service. We had our Bishop address us along with our Stake President. My testimony of the priesthood has been strengthened incredibly and I just love that God loves us so much to give us that gift! I know it is the power of God and that it's given to the men of the church for the benefit of all God's children! How merciful He is! I love you all and hope this week is great!! 

Sister Wilson 

Alma 26:16"

Happy Rock 

Happy Rock 

Locked Out 

Locked Out  

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Sad Rock  

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