Thursday, March 17, 2016


Here's Nicole's latest email home (from March 14th):

"Good afternoon friends and family!! 

     This week was a little tougher, but oh how I'm grateful for so many things!! Let's start from the beginning: 

     Monday evening we went tracting. The street we had planned to tract was full of dark houses which was pretty discouraging. We found ourselves thinking, "why did we plan this street?" haha, God showed us pretty quickly....there was one lit house and we decided to knock on the door. It turns out a guy named Ryan lives there. We met Ryan a few weeks ago at the gas station and he gave us his number. It had been tough to get a hold of him, but when we met him tonight, we were able to set up a return appointment!! It was a great reminder to me that God's purposes are much higher than ours. It also reminded me that God loves all of his children and will send us anywhere if it so be that we could "bring save it be one soul unto [Him]". 

    Tuesday our investigator, Jhamee, dropped us. She said she's just very overwhelmed with all the different people she's talking with and needs to take a break. The blessing from it? She told us that she will still read the Book of Mormon. She also told us that she feels like she's grown closer to Jesus Christ since meeting with us. She prays differently now and sees Christ in a new way. Even though she's not wanting to meet with us right now, it feels good to know that we were still able to help her come unto Him more fully. Fulfilling our purpose is one of the greatest feelings in the world :) 

     Wednesday we had a lesson with supposedly a new investigator...haha, turns out she invited us over because she's writing a book on different religions and wants to do a section on Mormons and had some questions for us. We were able to make our purpose clear that we are here to help people accept the fulness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ so that they can come to know Him more fully. Another testimony builder of what my purpose is and why/how it's so important! I love those teaching moments =)

    Thursday we had dinner at the Rasmussens. They've been less active for a while, but Sister Rasmussen has expressed the desire to go to the temple!! She was super excited to tell us she's been reading the Book of Mormon on her own, is a full tithe payer, and is trying to get to the Temple! It was exciting to see her so excited about it. She knows the importance of the Temple and it makes me so happy! I love the Temple so much!!! 

    Friday we did splits with some sweet girls, Audrey and Audrey :) We love their desire and willingness to participate in God's work! 

    Saturday we went out to one of the more booniest parts of our area. After spending the whole day there and finding no success, we decided to try one more person before heading home. They're a less active and part member family. The wife, the nonmember, answered and explained that everyone was home sick. We introduced ourselves and offered our help. She politely declined. BUT she said we could come back sometime to share a message about Jesus Christ with her family. I am so hopeful that we'll be able to teach her family and help her husband rekindle the fire he has once felt! 

      Sunday was great. We had wonderful talks in Sacrament meeting about the Atonement and a wonderful lesson in Relief Society about Joseph Smith being called as a prophet! The Spirit was so strong throughout our meetings. The best part about yesterday? The new Easter video produced by the church came out!! Everyone go watch it!!!!!!! Visit It is worth the time and you will feel the Spirit strongly as you listen to these testimonies of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. When we showed it to the member we live with, she immediately asked to watch it again when it was's so good!!! 

      I love you all and pray you have a wonderful week! The church is true! Joseph Smith was called to be a prophet and to restore Christ's church. Christ died for us and rose again. He lives today. I love Him and know He loves me! He loves you and He knows all of us personally! 

Sister Wilson"

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