Monday, August 31, 2015

Ritzville Adventures

It's Monday!! You know what that means. :)
Check it out below:

"Howdy everyone!! 

     This past week was definitely an adventure! My new area is small, great, and wonderful! I love it!! But, before I go on and on about Ritzville, let's do a week recap :) A lot has happened this week, so please bare with's going to be long (:

       Monday, was a very bittersweet day, as all last day of transfers are. Sister Erickson and I saw D'yani and Kaylee from the group home who introduced us to a new friend :) It was fun to teach them again! I really love them dearly and will miss them. After the group home, we went to go see Pam, Tatiana and Jeanine at the Wimpfheimers! As always, they brightened my day! As we shared one last lesson, tears started flowing down my face as I was privileged to share one last testimony with these beautiful daughters of our Heavenly Father! I'll miss seeing them on a weekly basis, but look forward to coming back to visit them! I love them so much and they have made me a better person!! 

      Tuesday, I met Sister Brown! She is so great!! She's from Logan Utah and is also 19. She just finished training with Sister Mills (from my MTC district). Sister Brown and I have a lot in common! She's so sweet, cute, funny, and helps me become a better missionary! She has a strong testimony and love of the gospel. She loves talking to everyone and is just so great! She was prepared and ready to serve a mission! We spent a lot of our day in the car on Tuesday. Because we're going into an area that had no missionaries in it for 6 months, we had no supplies. We had to gather some from other missionaries and branch members. Also, it was an hour and a half drive from Spokane (where we meet at transfers) to Ritzville with some stops on the way. Sister Keil (Keel) picked us up! She's so sweet! She took us out to eat and even paid for all of our groceries! The members are just so great!!! Oh..and we're in a Branch. For those of you who don't know, our congregations are called either a ward, branch or unit based on size. A ward is the biggest, branch is a little smaller than that, and a unit is teeny tiny! I've never served in a Branch before but it's awesome! Haha, we have members from other wards assigned to come up on Sundays to be a part of our congregation...that's how small our Branch is! I love it though! Tuesday night, we got a new investigator named Bonita! She's so sweet and has been through some tough times! She's been to churches before, but has never felt welcomed or loved. We told her about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and she said we could come tell her more!! Also, we'll be living in an apartment, but not until September 1st (tomorrow), because it's being used right now. In the meantime, we're living with the Nelsons who are totally awesome! Brother Nelson is our Branch Mission Leader and Sister Nelson is the Primary President! She said she make us all our breakfasts and dinners while we stay with them :) Needless to say, it was a great first day!

      Wednesday, we got 2 new investigators, Dylan and Anastasia. We're not sure how open Dylan is but he said we could come back. Hopefully when he hears how unique and powerful the message of the Restoration is, he'll have a greater desire. Anastasia has a strong belief in God. She loves talking about Jesus and we had a good discussion with her! She said we could come back for the weekly Bible study she and her father have! We're excited :)

     Thursday, we met a family named the Elders. Brother Elder joined the church a year ago and he and his wife just got sealed! What a blessing it is to be sealed to the ones you love most, and to live with them for all eternity! They are a part-member family and their kids have taken the discussions before. We're excited to meet with their kids again and hopefully help lead them to the waters of baptism. Their son Sage seemed interested, and we haven't met the rest of the family yet, but will this week! We are so stoked to get to know this awesome family more! 

      Friday we met our huge district and they're pretty awesome :) I'm excited to get to know them more. 

      Saturday we met with Bonita again and taught her the Plan of Salvation. She's been through a lot of tough times. We just found out yesterday that her husband has cancer and the future isn't looking too hopeful. We pray she will find peace, and comfort through the message of eternal families and the Restoration. We put her on date to be baptized October 10! She said if she comes to know it's true by then, she'll do it! We know God is loving and merciful and will answer her prayers by then! We gave her a Book of Mormon as well! We're excited to see where this goes :) We also saw Anastasia again and realized she's pretty set in her ways. We loved talking with her though, and learning more about who she is. We admire her strong faith in Christ and hope one day she'll be open to studying the Book of Mormon alongside the Bible :) We also met a girl named Alexis. She is also a part-member family! Her aunt (whom she live with) is semi-active. Alexis loves the message and knows she'll be baptized. She doesn't want baptism right now because her parents (especially her father), are strong Catholics and are making her feel guilty about looking into the church. We hope as we continue to meet with her and teach her, that she'll see how this Gospel will greatly bless her family. I'm thankful for the blessings my family has received because of the Gospel and pray she'll recognize that in her own!

       Yesterday we went to church! Our small Branch is so cute! Haha, instead of having a middle-aged to older woman play, we have one of the Young Women play the music for sacrament, that's how small it is! It's cute though and the members are wonderful! Our Branch president is great and we're excited to work with them more! Yesterday we also got 2 new investigators! The first is Ashlynn. We were trying to contact a less active family and saw this man and son getting into their car a few houses down. We went to talk to them and they were about to leave, but the man said to go talk to his wife....we did :) She said she's very busy but that we could come back. We gave her a Book of Mormon and she said she'll try to find time to read from it. She said she was thinking about baptism and is also looking for a good church for her kids to attend. We'll see her tomorrow so we're hopeful that she'll feel the Spirit as we testify of this message! We also met a lady named Marianne. She's dating a less active member and has taken discussions a while ago. She's not sure if she wants to continue them but said we could come back in a week and talk more about it! 

        This week was very good, hence the novel the size of Harry Potter. We both feel very blessed to serve here together. We love this place, these people and one another! I hope you all have a wonderful week! I love you and pray for you daily!   

I love my calling!

Sister Wilson"

District from Deer Park (left to right):
Sister Wilson, Sister Erickson, Elder Shirk, Elder Neilson,
Elder Troseth, and Elder Vaughnn

 District from Deer Park (left to right):
Sister Wilson, Sister Erickson, Elder Shirk, Elder Neilson,
Elder Troseth, and Elder Vaughnn

Grand Forks sisters (left to right):
Sister Day, Sister Wilson, Sister Smith, and Sister Erickson 

Sister Brown and Sister Wilson 



Tatiana, Pam, Sister Wilson, and Jeanine 

The Gilsons 

The Gilsons

Monday, August 24, 2015

The Lord Works in Mysterious Ways

We sure love getting our
weekly emails from Nicole
each Monday.
Here's the one we received today:

"Hey everyone! 

    This week was wonderful...good way to end my experience in Deer Park and Clayton! 

     Monday we went to Colville for p-day. We had a nerf gun fight with the zone. We set up tables and had a trampoline and made a totally awesome war zone! Pictures of it are attached and I also finally got a picture with the Grand Forks! Sister Smith is the one with the long brown hair and Sister Day is in the middle! I love them! Monday evening we went to the Group Home to teach Jazzlyn and D'yani. Jazzlyn's friend, Leena, wanted to join in! It was so fun to teach her! She said she was just observing, but was into the lesson. When we gave her a Book of Mormon to keep, she said she felt so loved to be given it. We were able to put D'yani and Jazzlyn on date to be baptized for September 19, and we established a weekly routine of when we'd come over! It went so well!! :) 

     Tuesday we talked to soooo many people...nothing makes me happier :)

     Wednesday we were in Canada :) I'll miss my Canada trips. It was also very ashy...the pictures of the orange sky is all from the smoke!

     Thursday, we saw Ruth! Ruth told us about an experience she had with prayer. She said she prayed to know if the mormon church was right and she got a firm, harsh, rude, ungodly "NO!" She said it scared her and really bothered her. She even mentioned that that didn't sound like God. We talked about the Spirit and how Heavenly Father loves us and is going to help us find the right way if we turn to Him. He is NOT going to be mad at us or deal rudely with us for asking Him questions or for direction. It was a huge testimony builder to Sister Erickson and I on how loving Heavenly Father is and how real Satan is. Satan desires us to turn away from the truth and He isn't happy with us as we get closer to it. Ruth even committed to come to church, FINALLY, with us on Sunday! We feel very blessed to have had that experience :) 

     Friday, we went back to the group home. We went to teach Jazzlyn and D'yani (and Leena if she would join). Turns out Jazzlyn isn't there at the moment and D'yani was sent to her room and couldn't come meet with us. But, miracles happen every day! Leena wanted to meet with us and her 2 friends, Kaylee and Kayla wanted to too! We taught all of them about the Restoration! Kayla and Kaylee were going to talk to a pastor at First Baptist this week about being baptized. Kayla is set on being baptized there, but still wants to meet with us and asks us when we'll be back....I'm hopeful for her! Kaylee is more open and so is Leena! When we invited all of them to be baptized, Kaylee said she would be when she comes to know for herself it's true, Kayla said she likes the Baptist church, and Leena said maybe. But, she also asked if we're still having a baptism on September 19 for Jazzlyn and D'yani and if we would still come back! She's so awesome and I really feel like she'll grow in a desire to make this gospel a bigger part of her life! I love these beautiful girl's so much!! 

      Saturday we got 2 new investigators in Deer Park! A lady named Megan (she's married to a pastor so we'll see where that goes). She's Erin's (our new investigator from last week) daughter. When we talked about prophets, they both agreed that we need one in the world today, with how crazy it's becoming. Thank goodness we have one :) I hope they will progress and see the importance of modern day revelation/prophets. The other investigator is a man named Tali (like a tally mark). He seems open! We didn't talk long with him, but he said we could come back! He seemed super nice and open and, again, I'm hopeful for him! 

       Yesterday, we went to church :) Also, RUTH CAME TO CHURCH!!!!!!!! She left after the 1st hour (I don't think she was feeling too well), but said it was good! I'm anxious to hear the report on how she continues to progress. We also got our call of doom. I thought I would stay in Deer Park, Clayton would get their own missionaries, and Sister Erickson would be transferred false prophecies are always just that, FALSE!! Siste Erickson is staying in BOTH Clayton and Deer Park and I'm going to a place called Ritzville with Sister Brown. Sister Brown's only been out 2 transfers (this will be her 3rd), and I hear she's awesome. We are sweeping Ritzville, which means we will both be new to the area. I'm nervous about sweeping in, but I know it will all work always does;) The Lord works in mysterious ways, but I know it's all for the benefit of His children. This will be a great experience for Sister Erickson and a great, and trying, learning experience for me. As bittersweet as this is, I'm excited to see how the Lord is going to stretch me and push me, and help me become better. These past 10 months have been hard, and very very rewarding. I'm happy to be able to work hard in Ritzville and to fall in love with even more people! I feel very blessed!! I LOVE MY CALLING!!

        Today, we had a tender mercy. Walking into the library, we noticed there weren't two open computers side by side for us to use. After waiting for some to open up, one of the young men in Deer Park noticed there was one open computer next to him and logged out on his so we could get on to email. What a blessing that brought tears to my eyes. I'm grateful for the small acts of love we can show each other every day. I pray you will all look for ways to show small acts of love for the people around you! I want to end with my testimony that I know this church is true. I know God's plan for us is perfect, though it's not always easy. I'm grateful for a loving Father in Heaven for putting me in the areas I need to be to learn and become more like Him. I'm thankful for all that I've been blessed with. This has definitely been the most humbling area I've been in yet and I am so grateful to be humbled! I love my Savior and I love all of you! I hope you all have a wonderful week! I leave this testimony in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

Sister Wilson"

 Sister Smith, Sister Day, and Sister Wilson

 Sister Smith, Sister Day, and Sister Wilson

Nerf Gun War Zone 

Nerf Gun War Zone 

All the smoke! 

More smoke

Monday, August 17, 2015

Very Grateful

It's Monday! Which means we got
another email from Nicole. Here's
what she had to say this week:

"Hello friends and family! 

     This week was long, but GREAT! I learned so much and saw God's hand in the lives of the people I love the most :) 

      Tuesday, we had Zone Conference all day where we were trained on how to become more effective instruments in God's hands. I learned so much on how to strengthen our testimonies and how to better myself! I'm grateful for our inspired leaders and for all they teach me :) 

      Wednesday I was on an exchange with Sister Day in Canada. It was so much fun!! She helped me a lot and I learn so much every time I'm around her! We had a great time together full of laughs, love, and learning. I'm thankful for her and her example and hope to serve around her more before she goes home in December. 

       Thursday we had weekly planning. President Dymock just changed the way we do planning, so instead of  planning for 5 hours, we only plan for 3 which allows more time for us to talk to people :) We got to see the Schmidts that evening which was bittersweet. Sounds like things fell through and they won't be able to move to Spokane. Although I want to continue to work with them, I want more than anything for them to go to Church. I'm not here to make friends (even though I'm doing that too and sometimes forget my real purpose), I'm here to help others come closer to our Loving Savior, Jesus Christ. Going to church will help them the most right now, and would have been more accessible for them in Spokane. I pray we'll be able to help them feel more motivated to attend here and I'm very grateful for the time I've had to work with them. 

      Friday and Saturday were great! We got to talk to A LOT of people which is the happiest time for a missionary! Friday we approached an old man and he said he wasn't interested, but that he still loves us and then he gave us an air kiss. Super weird....I really should just have a section in my emails all about my awkward encounters with men....I could call it, "Men Moments (M&M!)" ahaha, missions are so strange :)Saturday, we finally got a new investigator in Deer Park! We ran out of investigators in Deer Park. All of them are flakey, or haven't been getting back to us. We've had to drop them or allow the Lord to work on them for a time. We're starting from scratch. We tried this former investigator (someone who's looked into the church before) named Erin. She let us right in and we started talking to her. The missionaries in the past randomly stopped coming and she had no idea why. Her record doesn't even say why they stopped. She's totally open and said we could come back! We let her read out of a pass along copy of the Book of Mormon and when we told her she could keep it, she said "oh good!!". She's thinking about baptism right now! We hope she will stick with it and see the blessings that come from the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ! I'm excited to work with her more! 

     Yesterday, we met with our new investigator Jazzlyn from the group home. D'yani (Dee yawn ee) also joined and they both really want to be baptized. They said they just know it's true! I love them so much already! It's amazing how quickly you love the people you serve with. The message that Jesus Christ loves us so much He restored His church brings people closer together than anything else and I'm very grateful for that! I hope and pray we'll be able to teach them a little while longer! 

       This week is the last week of the transfer and it's very bittersweet. They're seriously and desperately looking for housing for another set of missionaries in Clayton. This will be really good for Deer Park because it needs the 100% attention and focus. Nonetheless, Clayton is where all of our investigators and Less Actives that we're working with are. I pray that the missionaries who will help them to progress even more will be placed in Clayton, even if it's not me. I want these wonderful children of God to come closer to Him in every way. As I anxiously await the call of doom, I am very grateful for the people God has trusted my companions and I with in these areas. 

        The picture attached is from Friday. We have a lot of fires up here and President Dymock asked us to prepare a 72 hour bag just in case. I've never had to do it before so I was pretty excited haha. Nonetheless, it's also scary. I'm not use to so many fires. Deer Park seems to be doing good, but the rest of my zone, from Addy, Wa and north, seem to be covered with them. My prayers go out to all the firefighters and people all throughout Washington. I'm very grateful for the work and efforts being put into getting these fires out. 

        I hope everyone has a wonderful week! I'm very grateful for all of you and hope school goes well (I think it's the first week of school?)! 

I love my calling!! 

Sister Wilson"

Monday, August 10, 2015

We're Looking for All the Single Men!

Here's the email we received from
Nicole today. We sure love hearing from
her! Read about her week below:


     This week was long, but the miracles didn't cease! 

      On Wednesday, Elder Shirk and Elder Nielson (Clayton ward) called us with a bunch of referrals for women in the Clayton ward boundaries. Now when I say a bunch, I mean A BUNCH! It was so great! When they finished giving us all the information on these people, the elders said, "Referrals are appreciated on this end too, sisters!" Without thinking before speaking, I replied, "I know, we're trying! Trust us, we're looking for all the single men!" That got awkward real fast.....haha. My district leader probably thinks I'm going crazy. 

      Thursday was rough. Planning wasn't fun and the way other things were working out didn't help. On top of that, I was bummed because we found out last weekend that the Schmidts were moving to Spokane. Knowing this would be my last time to see them (before the end of my mission, that is) I was going into that lesson preparing for the water works. But, because God is sooooooo good, Sister Schmidt told us that they were putting in some flooring in their house, so they won't be moving until the following weekend! I GET ANOTHER WEEK WITH THE SCHMIDTS!!!! I was, and am, so happy! That was my miracle and highlight of my week :) I'm excited to see them again. I'm also excited for them to move to Spokane. Going there will make church attendance easier for them and they're planning on going :) They've come a long way and I'm excited to hear about where Spokane will take them! We taught them the Sabbath Day by reading the creation from Genesis. We had them draw their own worlds and everything in them! It was so much fun! We then explained how God took a day of rest and how we need to do that too. It was a great conversation and they said they'd go to church in Spokane :) The photo attached is all of their drawings. They are kinda hard to see and a couple aren't noticeable at all, but it's still cute :) 

       Friday and Saturday we did an exchange. I stayed in my area with Sister Smith. I love Sister Smith!! She teaches me so much every time I'm with her! She's only been out 2 transfers and is already a much better missionary than me!! I love learning from her and growing from the things I hear....she's so great! On Saturday, we went to the library to meet Brother Lybbert, our ward mission leader in Deer Park. While waiting, this guy, Tyler, approached us, probably in his 20s, and started talking to us. Sister Smith and I were excited thinking we are going to have an awesome new investigator who will be baptized. We're just finishing exchanging names when Brother Lybbert walked up. We said hi and Tyler said, "hi, I'm just flirting with these 2 pretty ladies" -_- We then told him who we were and our purpose. We had a great conversation with him about the gospel. We invited him to church and he responded, "I'll go if you're there". Then he winked and we started our meeting with Brother Lybbert. It was so weird!!! Haha. I've had way too many weird experiences with men..... Nonetheless, we learned a lot from the experience. We were suppose to meet Brother Lybbert at noon. Turns out he lost track of time and didn't get there until a little before 1. Waiting at the library was hard because we didn't know when he would get there, but we didn't know the most effective way to use our time. Turns out, if we didn't wait that long, we wouldn't have met Tyler and been able to talk to him about the Gospel. Though he may not have been too interested in our actual message, we were able to give him that opportunity to be. The Lord works in mysterious ways.

       Yesterday, we had a wonderful Family Home Evening with the Wimpfheimers! They're the family who Pam and Tatiana and Jeanine live with! It went so well!! I love that family so much and I definitely consider them family to me :) We also got a new investigator. The Wilson family in Clayton own a group home and have been bringing a couple girls to church on Sundays. One, Jazzline, wants to be baptized! We met with her at the group home last night to start teaching her the discussions. It went so well! When we talked about Joseph Smith, she said "it just makes sense! God never said he would stop calling prophets, so why wouldn't Joseph Smith be one?!" The visit went so well and she's excited to learn more and to work towards baptism. She's even talking to Bishop on Wednesday to clarify some things about baptism. She's so great! The other girl, Deanne, joined in the last part of the lesson and wants to be baptized as well :) Needless to say, yesterday was good (:

      That pretty much ends my novel. Haha, I know my weekly's are always super long, but I only share a fraction of what goes on. There's so much more to my calling than I could ever share! I love my calling! I hope you all have a wonderful week! I love you dearly :) 

2 Nephi 26:24

Sister Wilson"

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Faith is Required for Our Salvation, Not Proof

Here's Nicole's email from last week. Enjoy! :)

"Friends and Family! 

      Not much has happened since Wednesday, so this letter will be shorter (at least it's suppose to be, haha). 

      Friday was a great day :) We had another lesson with Pam! Tatiana, the other foster child, even joined us! Pam said she's been reading from the Book of Mormon a lot lately and that it is REALLY helping her! It's all marked up :) It makes me so happy! She's been reading it with Tatiana and they both feel good as they read it! They said they believe it is true! Tatiana became our new investigator and we're super excited to teach both of these beautiful girls! As we read from the scriptures together, they are often telling us what it means and how it applies to life! The Gospel is so beautiful the way it touches us!! I LOVE MY CALLING!!!!!! We also met a nice young man named Frank. He is a neighbor to one of our members. He said him and his wife are looking for a church. They have a few kids all younger than 12. They're going to be gone off and on all this week, but he told us we can come back in a week and share a message with them!! I want so badly to be able to teach a family! After all, God's plan is for families to be together for eternity! I'm excited to see where it goes! 

     Saturday, Deer Park had their annual corn feed activity. It started out years ago as going to just eat corn, but has now turned into a huge potluck! SOOO many less active members and nonmembers were there, it was great! Sister Erickson has bad knees, so she had to sit most of the time (: ) while I got to walk around a talk to everyone. Luckily, a less active man sat next to her and she got to talk to him a lot while watching me walk around everywhere. I felt like I was in Heaven!! It was one of the most joyous times of my week! We even had some less active and part member families say we can come back!! It was super exciting! 

      Yesterday, we had the opportunity to hear the members of both wards bare their testimonies! What a wonderful spirit was felt there! I love testimony meeting! Last night, we had a long talk with a pastor named Jason. Jason is moving into and remodeling a home, so his neighbor referred him to us to offer service. We went over, knocked on the door, and as soon as he saw us he grabbed his Bible. I knew where this was going...We explained we were there to offer service, and he politely declined. He then told us to try to convert him. He said we could share our beliefs with him and then he would do the same. We started simply sharing the message of the Restoration. A minute into it he had questions and pulled out scriptures from the Bible. Scripture after scripture he gave us and when it sounded like he was contradicting himself, he would explain it in a way that made no sense to us. Out of all the differences we talked about, I realized the biggest difference was the interpretations of the Bible. This was exactly what got Joseph Smith confused...all the interpretations of the Bible! Although I felt so inadequate at first, I became very grateful for a living day Prophet to help us better understand the Bible so that all this confusion wouldn't exist. Jason was super nice about all of it and was sincerely interested in what we believe and why, but we could tell he seemed pretty set in his ways. As he tried to prove us wrong, I realized that it all comes down to the principle of faith. We are commanded to have faith, not proof. Faith is required for our Salvation, not proof. I'm thankful that I can have faith. I'm grateful that I have had the experiences with the Gospel that I've had to strengthen my faith. As missionaries, we're not out trying to prove anything to anyone. We're simply sharing a message centered on Jesus Christ and how much He loves us and then asking people to use their agency to either accept or reject the message Jesus Christ has asked us to share with the world. I know the gospel is true and that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is true. Yes, I've had doubts and I've questioned things. But, time and time again God helps me get back on track and helps me to see things clearly again. I know it's true. If I didn't, I would not voluntarily leave everything behind, go through trials that only a mission can bring, and see and hear things that tear you apart for 18 months. Again, I love my calling and I love this Gospel! 

       Since this letter ended up being LONGER and not shorter, I think I'll end now :) I love you all and am so grateful for each of you! I'm thankful for all of my friends of different faiths, those who don't believe at all, and those who accept, or don't accept, me for my beliefs. I'm very thankful for all of you and our part in getting me here! God bless each of you and I pray your week is FANTASTIC!! 

Sister Wilson"

Are You Looking for a Husband? Because I'm Single!

Here's Nicole's last email in July,
complete with pictures for your viewing


      We went to the Temple today so that's why my pday was changed! The Temple is super awesome and I learned what God wants me to do to help His work grateful for the Holy House of God!! 

       Now, to explain the title of this email..haha! Last pday, we went to wash our car. Because of our bike rack, we can't go through an automatic car wash and have to wash it ourselves (which is fun!). We pulled into one of the 2 car wash isles (don't really know what to call them). Next to us was a man (around 30 yrs)  finishing up his truck. We started talking to him and he was super awesome! A lot of things he believed, we believe! Throughout the conversation, we invited him to church, to learn more from the missionaries, etc. time when we invited him to church he said, "why do you keep asking me that? Are you looking for a husband? Because, I'm single!" Sister Erickson just stood there...haha. We quickly changed the subject and explained that we are here NOT to find a husband, but to teach about our Savior Jesus Christ. He then said he'd get baptized if it was by pretty girls. We decided we would go wash our car at that point. The conversation was going so well until he started talking about getting married. Oh...did I mention he took his shirt off too? SO WEIRD!!!!!! Haha....I love being a missionary (:

     This past week I had the opportunity to get a priesthood blessing! I really can't express my love and appreciation for the righteous elders I serve with and for their worthiness to be able to hold the Priesthood! I am eternally grateful that we all can benefit from its blessings! How loving our Father in Heaven is! 

      So, lately I've been praying to be able to recognize and follow the Spirit better. God answered that prayer in a way I didn't expect.Thursday, all of our appointments (except for the lovely Schmidt family :) ) fell through or cancelled and we had no idea what to do. All of our backups would only last so long. Nonetheless, Heavenly Father, through His Spirit, helped make Thursday night a very productive night and we got to meet and talk to some awesome people! God will always lead and guide us, if we will just follow Him and trust in Him! 

       We got a new investigator on Friday!! She's been taking lessons off and on for the past 7 years!! Sister Kulcsar and I taught her a couple of times, but then we stopped because she was so hard to get a hold of. After a member mentioned her to us, and feeling prompted to just stop by, we went over to see how she was doing a little earlier in the week.She said she was doing well and told us to come by! When we returned on Friday, she said she's really missed coming to church. She always feels good throughout the rest of her week each time she goes. She admitted she wasn't sure about a lot of the doctrine, but, nonetheless, if she were to start going to a church, it would be the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints! We're excited to start teaching her again. We pray that our time apart has allowed God to work on her and opened her heart even more to our unique, life-changing message! 

       Yesterday, we got to have one on one interviews with President Dymock and his lovely wife! I love them and look forward to serving with them for the last half of my mission!

      I love my calling. I know I say that every week, but I feel like I can't express the way I feel about my calling enough. This truly is the greatest, most important work that can ever be done among God's children! I am very grateful I've lasted this long, yet I can't believe it's already half gone. I am in denial of being 9 months out!! The church is true...period. No ands, ifs buts ors about it. I'm grateful for all that I've learned thus far and all that I will learn! 

     I hope you all have a wonderful week! I love you so very much! 

Sister Wilson

Please enjoy the pictures of the BEAUTIFUL sunsets in Washington, of us at the Temple, and of me feeding Sr. Thomas (Brother Gilson's turkey) while the Gilsons are out of town :)"