Sunday, August 9, 2015

Are You Looking for a Husband? Because I'm Single!

Here's Nicole's last email in July,
complete with pictures for your viewing


      We went to the Temple today so that's why my pday was changed! The Temple is super awesome and I learned what God wants me to do to help His work grateful for the Holy House of God!! 

       Now, to explain the title of this email..haha! Last pday, we went to wash our car. Because of our bike rack, we can't go through an automatic car wash and have to wash it ourselves (which is fun!). We pulled into one of the 2 car wash isles (don't really know what to call them). Next to us was a man (around 30 yrs)  finishing up his truck. We started talking to him and he was super awesome! A lot of things he believed, we believe! Throughout the conversation, we invited him to church, to learn more from the missionaries, etc. time when we invited him to church he said, "why do you keep asking me that? Are you looking for a husband? Because, I'm single!" Sister Erickson just stood there...haha. We quickly changed the subject and explained that we are here NOT to find a husband, but to teach about our Savior Jesus Christ. He then said he'd get baptized if it was by pretty girls. We decided we would go wash our car at that point. The conversation was going so well until he started talking about getting married. Oh...did I mention he took his shirt off too? SO WEIRD!!!!!! Haha....I love being a missionary (:

     This past week I had the opportunity to get a priesthood blessing! I really can't express my love and appreciation for the righteous elders I serve with and for their worthiness to be able to hold the Priesthood! I am eternally grateful that we all can benefit from its blessings! How loving our Father in Heaven is! 

      So, lately I've been praying to be able to recognize and follow the Spirit better. God answered that prayer in a way I didn't expect.Thursday, all of our appointments (except for the lovely Schmidt family :) ) fell through or cancelled and we had no idea what to do. All of our backups would only last so long. Nonetheless, Heavenly Father, through His Spirit, helped make Thursday night a very productive night and we got to meet and talk to some awesome people! God will always lead and guide us, if we will just follow Him and trust in Him! 

       We got a new investigator on Friday!! She's been taking lessons off and on for the past 7 years!! Sister Kulcsar and I taught her a couple of times, but then we stopped because she was so hard to get a hold of. After a member mentioned her to us, and feeling prompted to just stop by, we went over to see how she was doing a little earlier in the week.She said she was doing well and told us to come by! When we returned on Friday, she said she's really missed coming to church. She always feels good throughout the rest of her week each time she goes. She admitted she wasn't sure about a lot of the doctrine, but, nonetheless, if she were to start going to a church, it would be the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints! We're excited to start teaching her again. We pray that our time apart has allowed God to work on her and opened her heart even more to our unique, life-changing message! 

       Yesterday, we got to have one on one interviews with President Dymock and his lovely wife! I love them and look forward to serving with them for the last half of my mission!

      I love my calling. I know I say that every week, but I feel like I can't express the way I feel about my calling enough. This truly is the greatest, most important work that can ever be done among God's children! I am very grateful I've lasted this long, yet I can't believe it's already half gone. I am in denial of being 9 months out!! The church is true...period. No ands, ifs buts ors about it. I'm grateful for all that I've learned thus far and all that I will learn! 

     I hope you all have a wonderful week! I love you so very much! 

Sister Wilson

Please enjoy the pictures of the BEAUTIFUL sunsets in Washington, of us at the Temple, and of me feeding Sr. Thomas (Brother Gilson's turkey) while the Gilsons are out of town :)" 

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