Monday, August 24, 2015

The Lord Works in Mysterious Ways

We sure love getting our
weekly emails from Nicole
each Monday.
Here's the one we received today:

"Hey everyone! 

    This week was wonderful...good way to end my experience in Deer Park and Clayton! 

     Monday we went to Colville for p-day. We had a nerf gun fight with the zone. We set up tables and had a trampoline and made a totally awesome war zone! Pictures of it are attached and I also finally got a picture with the Grand Forks! Sister Smith is the one with the long brown hair and Sister Day is in the middle! I love them! Monday evening we went to the Group Home to teach Jazzlyn and D'yani. Jazzlyn's friend, Leena, wanted to join in! It was so fun to teach her! She said she was just observing, but was into the lesson. When we gave her a Book of Mormon to keep, she said she felt so loved to be given it. We were able to put D'yani and Jazzlyn on date to be baptized for September 19, and we established a weekly routine of when we'd come over! It went so well!! :) 

     Tuesday we talked to soooo many people...nothing makes me happier :)

     Wednesday we were in Canada :) I'll miss my Canada trips. It was also very ashy...the pictures of the orange sky is all from the smoke!

     Thursday, we saw Ruth! Ruth told us about an experience she had with prayer. She said she prayed to know if the mormon church was right and she got a firm, harsh, rude, ungodly "NO!" She said it scared her and really bothered her. She even mentioned that that didn't sound like God. We talked about the Spirit and how Heavenly Father loves us and is going to help us find the right way if we turn to Him. He is NOT going to be mad at us or deal rudely with us for asking Him questions or for direction. It was a huge testimony builder to Sister Erickson and I on how loving Heavenly Father is and how real Satan is. Satan desires us to turn away from the truth and He isn't happy with us as we get closer to it. Ruth even committed to come to church, FINALLY, with us on Sunday! We feel very blessed to have had that experience :) 

     Friday, we went back to the group home. We went to teach Jazzlyn and D'yani (and Leena if she would join). Turns out Jazzlyn isn't there at the moment and D'yani was sent to her room and couldn't come meet with us. But, miracles happen every day! Leena wanted to meet with us and her 2 friends, Kaylee and Kayla wanted to too! We taught all of them about the Restoration! Kayla and Kaylee were going to talk to a pastor at First Baptist this week about being baptized. Kayla is set on being baptized there, but still wants to meet with us and asks us when we'll be back....I'm hopeful for her! Kaylee is more open and so is Leena! When we invited all of them to be baptized, Kaylee said she would be when she comes to know for herself it's true, Kayla said she likes the Baptist church, and Leena said maybe. But, she also asked if we're still having a baptism on September 19 for Jazzlyn and D'yani and if we would still come back! She's so awesome and I really feel like she'll grow in a desire to make this gospel a bigger part of her life! I love these beautiful girl's so much!! 

      Saturday we got 2 new investigators in Deer Park! A lady named Megan (she's married to a pastor so we'll see where that goes). She's Erin's (our new investigator from last week) daughter. When we talked about prophets, they both agreed that we need one in the world today, with how crazy it's becoming. Thank goodness we have one :) I hope they will progress and see the importance of modern day revelation/prophets. The other investigator is a man named Tali (like a tally mark). He seems open! We didn't talk long with him, but he said we could come back! He seemed super nice and open and, again, I'm hopeful for him! 

       Yesterday, we went to church :) Also, RUTH CAME TO CHURCH!!!!!!!! She left after the 1st hour (I don't think she was feeling too well), but said it was good! I'm anxious to hear the report on how she continues to progress. We also got our call of doom. I thought I would stay in Deer Park, Clayton would get their own missionaries, and Sister Erickson would be transferred false prophecies are always just that, FALSE!! Siste Erickson is staying in BOTH Clayton and Deer Park and I'm going to a place called Ritzville with Sister Brown. Sister Brown's only been out 2 transfers (this will be her 3rd), and I hear she's awesome. We are sweeping Ritzville, which means we will both be new to the area. I'm nervous about sweeping in, but I know it will all work always does;) The Lord works in mysterious ways, but I know it's all for the benefit of His children. This will be a great experience for Sister Erickson and a great, and trying, learning experience for me. As bittersweet as this is, I'm excited to see how the Lord is going to stretch me and push me, and help me become better. These past 10 months have been hard, and very very rewarding. I'm happy to be able to work hard in Ritzville and to fall in love with even more people! I feel very blessed!! I LOVE MY CALLING!!

        Today, we had a tender mercy. Walking into the library, we noticed there weren't two open computers side by side for us to use. After waiting for some to open up, one of the young men in Deer Park noticed there was one open computer next to him and logged out on his so we could get on to email. What a blessing that brought tears to my eyes. I'm grateful for the small acts of love we can show each other every day. I pray you will all look for ways to show small acts of love for the people around you! I want to end with my testimony that I know this church is true. I know God's plan for us is perfect, though it's not always easy. I'm grateful for a loving Father in Heaven for putting me in the areas I need to be to learn and become more like Him. I'm thankful for all that I've been blessed with. This has definitely been the most humbling area I've been in yet and I am so grateful to be humbled! I love my Savior and I love all of you! I hope you all have a wonderful week! I leave this testimony in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

Sister Wilson"

 Sister Smith, Sister Day, and Sister Wilson

 Sister Smith, Sister Day, and Sister Wilson

Nerf Gun War Zone 

Nerf Gun War Zone 

All the smoke! 

More smoke

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