Monday, August 10, 2015

We're Looking for All the Single Men!

Here's the email we received from
Nicole today. We sure love hearing from
her! Read about her week below:


     This week was long, but the miracles didn't cease! 

      On Wednesday, Elder Shirk and Elder Nielson (Clayton ward) called us with a bunch of referrals for women in the Clayton ward boundaries. Now when I say a bunch, I mean A BUNCH! It was so great! When they finished giving us all the information on these people, the elders said, "Referrals are appreciated on this end too, sisters!" Without thinking before speaking, I replied, "I know, we're trying! Trust us, we're looking for all the single men!" That got awkward real fast.....haha. My district leader probably thinks I'm going crazy. 

      Thursday was rough. Planning wasn't fun and the way other things were working out didn't help. On top of that, I was bummed because we found out last weekend that the Schmidts were moving to Spokane. Knowing this would be my last time to see them (before the end of my mission, that is) I was going into that lesson preparing for the water works. But, because God is sooooooo good, Sister Schmidt told us that they were putting in some flooring in their house, so they won't be moving until the following weekend! I GET ANOTHER WEEK WITH THE SCHMIDTS!!!! I was, and am, so happy! That was my miracle and highlight of my week :) I'm excited to see them again. I'm also excited for them to move to Spokane. Going there will make church attendance easier for them and they're planning on going :) They've come a long way and I'm excited to hear about where Spokane will take them! We taught them the Sabbath Day by reading the creation from Genesis. We had them draw their own worlds and everything in them! It was so much fun! We then explained how God took a day of rest and how we need to do that too. It was a great conversation and they said they'd go to church in Spokane :) The photo attached is all of their drawings. They are kinda hard to see and a couple aren't noticeable at all, but it's still cute :) 

       Friday and Saturday we did an exchange. I stayed in my area with Sister Smith. I love Sister Smith!! She teaches me so much every time I'm with her! She's only been out 2 transfers and is already a much better missionary than me!! I love learning from her and growing from the things I hear....she's so great! On Saturday, we went to the library to meet Brother Lybbert, our ward mission leader in Deer Park. While waiting, this guy, Tyler, approached us, probably in his 20s, and started talking to us. Sister Smith and I were excited thinking we are going to have an awesome new investigator who will be baptized. We're just finishing exchanging names when Brother Lybbert walked up. We said hi and Tyler said, "hi, I'm just flirting with these 2 pretty ladies" -_- We then told him who we were and our purpose. We had a great conversation with him about the gospel. We invited him to church and he responded, "I'll go if you're there". Then he winked and we started our meeting with Brother Lybbert. It was so weird!!! Haha. I've had way too many weird experiences with men..... Nonetheless, we learned a lot from the experience. We were suppose to meet Brother Lybbert at noon. Turns out he lost track of time and didn't get there until a little before 1. Waiting at the library was hard because we didn't know when he would get there, but we didn't know the most effective way to use our time. Turns out, if we didn't wait that long, we wouldn't have met Tyler and been able to talk to him about the Gospel. Though he may not have been too interested in our actual message, we were able to give him that opportunity to be. The Lord works in mysterious ways.

       Yesterday, we had a wonderful Family Home Evening with the Wimpfheimers! They're the family who Pam and Tatiana and Jeanine live with! It went so well!! I love that family so much and I definitely consider them family to me :) We also got a new investigator. The Wilson family in Clayton own a group home and have been bringing a couple girls to church on Sundays. One, Jazzline, wants to be baptized! We met with her at the group home last night to start teaching her the discussions. It went so well! When we talked about Joseph Smith, she said "it just makes sense! God never said he would stop calling prophets, so why wouldn't Joseph Smith be one?!" The visit went so well and she's excited to learn more and to work towards baptism. She's even talking to Bishop on Wednesday to clarify some things about baptism. She's so great! The other girl, Deanne, joined in the last part of the lesson and wants to be baptized as well :) Needless to say, yesterday was good (:

      That pretty much ends my novel. Haha, I know my weekly's are always super long, but I only share a fraction of what goes on. There's so much more to my calling than I could ever share! I love my calling! I hope you all have a wonderful week! I love you dearly :) 

2 Nephi 26:24

Sister Wilson"

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