Wednesday, January 14, 2015

A Really Good Week

It sounds like Nicole had a really good week this week!
She was also able to send us several pictures from Christmas on.

"Hey Everyone!!! 

      My camera works now!!! Enjoy the pictures(: 

      Anyways, This week was really good! We met so many awesome people! Our investigators are progressing and they actually like being taught!! It's so awesome and such a joy to teach them! I have seen their countenances change so much and it helps me remember why I'm out here. Happy me!  

     I had a really cool spiritual moment this week. We went to Kristen's house and showed her the Restoration video (if you haven't seen it it NOW!) I've seen this video a billion times and I love it and was so excited to watch it! The video started playing and as we're watching it, the Spirit was soooooo strong...much stronger than it ever has been as I've seen it before. I just started crying and cried the rest of the lesson. My testimony of Joseph Smith has been so deeply strengthened! I know without a doubt that Joseph Smith restored Christ's church on the earth today and that the Priesthood authority has also been restored! How blessed we are to have the truth on the earth! It was an experience that I can never forget and I'm so grateful God has given it to me! So Kristen's dad finally approved her baptism!!! AHHHHHHHH!!! We are all so excited! He finally came around and their family couldn't be more happy. I knew he would because God provides a way for His children to keep His commandments! I'm so grateful that his heart has softened and will allow her to make this promise with our Father in Heaven to be baptized! AHHHHH(: 

     We have a couple other investigators we're hoping to put on date soon. One of them, Leslie, wants to be baptized and she actually is on date for February, but she has to learn all the lessons first. Her desire is so strong though and her countenance has changed so much!!!! The gospel is awesome in that way(: 

     Funny story..we were bike riding and met these two ladies. They were quite unique and very opinionated and strong in their faith. One of them gave me a card that said "What I need to do to be saved" with a list of things necessary for me to do for my salvation. It was pretty least for me. Our beliefs weren't even that different. Many people think we try to change others' beliefs, but really, we just add to it! 

     Another funny story....this happened like a couple hours ago. Today is p-day, obviously, and we have to watch the car. Before we get to the car wash, we were talking about how cold it is outside (it's 31 degrees) and I was talking about how my hair was still wet from my shower and made me even colder. We stopped at the chiropractor real quick and headed over to wash the car.  We're not allowed to go through a car wash so we have to wash it on our own. I got out of the car as my companion was spraying it down. Sister Gosdis realized she got soap on her coat and was looking down at it, not paying attention that her hand with the hose was moving. It moved right in my direction and totally sprayed me in the face (my hair just dried too, by the way)! It sprayed me for like 10, 15 seconds and I was soaked. When she noticed, she felt so bad but was laughing really hard! Hahaha, it was soooooooooo cold and my hands were really numb! On the plus side, my make up wasn't smeared...tender mercy! Haha, it was funny though and I was walking like Anna from Frozen after falling in the water(: 

     This week was really good, again, and I'm so grateful to be able to see the change that the gospel brings in peoples' lives. I've thought a lot about my own baptism and I have had many teary-eyed moments as I thought about it. I am so eternally grateful for all my Father in Heaven has given me! The gospel is truly the only source for PURE, EVERLASTING joy and happiness! 

     I hope everyone has a wonderful week and remembers who they are as beloved sons and daughters of God who loves each of you more than words can describe!! (Romans 8:38-39) 

     Love ya'll!! 


Sister Wilson"

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  1. Hello Nicole, love reading your letters. I especially love your mention of how you can see people's countenance change. That is so amazing. When we allow God's light and love into our lives it makes a visible difference. Looking forward to your next letter.