Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Another Week!!!

Letter time! Nicole had another great week this week.
Her P-Day was moved to St. Patrick's Day this week. Read
her email below:

"Hey everyone! Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!

     My pday was switched to today because we went to the Temple!!! It was so awesome! Sister Peeler had a lot of names to do, so I got to do a session for one of her ancestors! It was a very special experience to me to be able to do that work for her relatives! I feel truly honored and blessed! I love the Temple and I can't wait until my future family and I can be sealed for time and all eternity!! 

      OH MY GOSH!!! I GOT TO SHAKE THE HAND OF A MEMBER OF THE 70!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Elder Hamula came and spoke to us and it was AWESOME! He taught us so much about hard work and faith and how to help people grow in their faith..ourselves included. He told us to not try so hard to be like everyone else, but to be the best us we can be...because no one else is like us(: It was great. He also told us the ELDER NELSON IS COMING!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! I love our general authorities and I can't wait to meet Elder Nelson in April!! Serving a mission brings so many blessings!!! 

     This weekend, we got to do something really cool called a Blitz...that's when all the missionaries in our zone get together in one area to do some contacting (or talking to people). Blitz's happen so we can help another area progress and help them find new people to teach. This upcoming weekend, we're doing one in Belle Terre....we are so excited because we need people to teach...desperately!! We'll be doing a blitz every weekend for the's so great! 

      This week I learned a very important lesson. We met a lot of cool people who are interested in us coming back....the only problem is they weren't for us, but for another area. This really frustrated me because I wanted to teach people and I wanted to baptize people and I want to convert people, and I I I......That's when the Spirit smacked me in the face and told me who's boss...haha. I came to the realization that missionary work is all about bringing others unto Christ and helping them strengthen their relationship with Him. The ONLY teacher, and converter is the has nothing to do with which missionary it is, because the missionary doesn't do anything (don't get me wrong, we do a lot, but we don't take, nor do we deserve credit for). The Spirit truly is the factor that helps people back into the fold. As I reflect on my conversion, I realized the only reason I joined the church was because of the way I felt as the missionaries taught me....the Spirit they had made me happy, joyful, peaceful, and desire to have it in my life. It doesn't matter who it is, as long as the Spirit is there. I was very humbled and grateful for that lesson!! 

       On Thursday, Sister Peeler and I got to help a pair of Senior Couple Missionaries pack. They just finished their mission and are headed home. It was so bitter sweet! I really love Sister and Elder Handy and we greatly appreciated their service! I'm grateful that the Lord's work truly can be done by anyone who has the desire to do it! (D&C4!:)

       That's basically the jist of my was better than last week! This week has started off great too and I look forward to seeing what's in store for me as I diligently work! I hope and pray ya'll have a great week too! I love you all!!!!

Sister Wilson"

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