Wednesday, March 25, 2015

I'm a Satanist, but I Don't Worship Satan

Nicole had another great week this week. She had some fun
stories to share with us in her latest email:

"Hey everyone!! 

     This week was great!! Sister Peeler and I were able to attend some ward activities and get to know our members better! We attended a Relief Society party and played a lot of get to know you games. We got to play speed-friending! Haha, it was so fun(: Then, we went to an Elders Quorum potluck dinner. Now this activity wasn't advertised very well, so only about 15 people showed up..haha. It was still fun! We got to play Cranium and another fun game that I can't remember. It was so fun to play games with the members...they are so funny and fun to be around! We are truly blessed to be able to work with so many amazing people! I love the Belle Terre Ward! 

     Ready for a miracle???? Friday, we went to an apartment complex and we ran into this lady named Tonia. She said "are you mormons?" Sister Peeler and I were like "yes!". She then explained "I was just trying to call someone from the mormon church!" We started talking to her and she just started crying! She's been struggling a lot and is desparately trying to grow closer to God and to allow Him to take control of her life. She already has strong faith, but she's ready to let it all go and give it all to Him. It was so great! We taught her about the Restoration and she loved it! She feels it's true and she was crying and said "I know meeting you was God's way of telling me He loves me and is there for me". It was so great...I just love her!!

     Saturday was our was so awesome!! Again, we're very blessed to have such awesome ward members...we had 4 members help us out and come on splits with us (for those who don't know, splits are when you and your companion split up and go with a member as a temporary companion). It was so great to have 14 missionaries working and talking to peole in our area! We have so many potential and new investigators to teach now!! MIRACLES!!! Ahhhhhhh all of our hard work is paying off and I'm so excited for this upcoming week...we actually have lessons to teach!!! Some elders ran into Tonia and put her on date to be baptized at the end of April! :) EXCITEMENT!!!! 

       Yesterday, we tried contacting some people in our plans. As we were driving, we saw this guy on the side of the street just standing there smoking. We pulled over and got out to talk to him. We told him we were missionaries and shared a message about Jesus Christ and inviting people to follow Him by being baptized. He simply explained, "I'm a Satanist, but I don't worship Satan". Hahaha, Sister Peeler and I just stared at him really confused. We asked him what exactly is a satanist and he stated "Well, we just find strength in ourselves....I guess it's called Satanism because Humanist was already taken" Hahaha, it was quite interesting and pretty funny. He was really cool, but not very interested! 

     Well, I'm very grateful for my calling despite the hardships and disappointments that come with it. The people we meet, regardless of whether or not they're interested, make it all worth it. We have so many fun, funny, strange, interesting, spiritual experiences that are just so great! I feel very blessed and honored that the Lord has trust in me to do this sacred calling! 

     I hope you all have a wonderful week and are mindful of the many miracles that you will find everyday as you diligently look! I love you all!! 


Sister Wilson"

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