Thursday, November 12, 2015

Miracles, Miracles, Miracles!

Here's Nicole's email from this week!
It sounds like she had a very good and productive
week. Check it out:

"Good afternoon!!!!

     This past week was so great!! It was a little challenging at first, but Sister Ashby and I just saw miracle after miracle! 

     As mentioned last week, we went to the Temple was amazing, as always! 

     We did a whole lot of street contacting this week to try to find new investigators. It was really tough at first, but it all worked out! On Wednesday, God blessed us for our efforts through a member of the church. It was lunch time, so Sister Ashby and I went with Sister Rogers and Sister Moody (over the YSA ward) to the cafeteria at the university. While we were trying to figure out what we wanted to eat, this man walks up with his friend, introduced himself, and said he wanted to buy all 4 of us lunch :) It was such a tender mercy and we all appreciated it more than we were able to express. 

     Thursday, I decided I was going to work super duper hard. I always try to work hard, but sometimes, you just get a little tired of street contacting all day. Nonetheless, I reminded myself that this isn't my work I'm doing, it's God's work and I need to give it my all. So I told Heavenly Father that I would give my all to Him and work harder than I did the day before. We found 3 potential investigators that day. And, to add a cherry on top, it SNOWED!!! Not for long, but it did snow :) It started out as rain, then went to snow, then turned back into rain. Sister Ashby and I enjoyed walking in the rain/snow with our umbrellas while tracting (going door to door to find people to teach about Jesus Christ). It was fun and a testimony builder to me that when we work hard and do all that we can, we receive blessings. And, it's not that we don't receive blessings any other time, it's just that we don't recognize the blessings as much if we're not fully focused on our purpose. I love growing experiences :)

      Friday we had a Zone Training which was fantastic! We also got to talk to a lot of people (: I love the people I serve with and get to meet! We met this man named David. He was walking his dog and he said he has lots of Mormon friends on missions whom he misses dearly. His girlfriend has family who are members of the church and he said he's opened to learning more. We got his number and we're excited to meet with them! 

       Sunday, we had our primary program. Primary is an auxiliary in the church where kids 3-11 (in my ward it's 3-7 ) sing and learn about Jesus. A primary program is when all these kids sing a ton of Christ-centered songs and share little testimonies of what Christ means to them. It's sooooo cute and one of my favorite Sundays ever!! Haha, our ward only has 4 primary kids, so it was funny to watch them all perform! Another miracle of the week is last night, our district leader texted us and said that they wanted to do something cool as a district. They decided that they were going to go out street contacting at 3:30 and then every 1/2 hour they would say a prayer that we all would find 2 new investigators. It was so neat!! We did that and we found 2 new people! We'll probably end up passing them off to the Single's Ward, but it was still pretty neat! We're excited to keep working hard to find people for us :)

       Another miracle!! So we were suppose to meet David yesterday, but he said that wouldn't work. Instead, he scheduled a dinner appointment with us for today!!! We are so excited and feel so blessed!!!! I can't wait!! 

      I love you all and pray that your week will be fantastic!! The Gospel is true and Jesus Christ lives today!! I love my calling!!!!!!!!!!

Sister Wilson"

 Snow Day

 Snow Day


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