Sunday, November 8, 2015

Happy Tuesday

So sorry I forgot to update the blog
last week! Here's Nicole's email from
November 3rd:

"Happy Tuesday everyone!! 

     This week, not much happened, but it was still good! 

     Tuesday, Sister Ashby and I got a new investigator! Her name is Lilian and it's sorta a tricky situation....her husband is in school and they have two 3 year olds....but he's 61 and she looks in her 40s. We just adore them, but we probably will end up passing them off to family ward where everyone is around their age instead of around my age. We'll see how it goes! 

     Thursday, Sister Ashby was sick and we were inside all day. As a result, she got a priesthood blessing on Friday! It was so powerful and it reminded me of how grateful I am for the priesthood! I am SOOOO thankful for our Loving Heavenly Father who has given us His power here on earth to perform these miracles. I love love love LOVE the priesthood!! Friday evening we had our ward Halloween was so much fun!! All the families dressed up together! Some costumes were Beauty and the Beast, Ninja Turtle and Pizza, Lion & Tiger & Bear (oh my!), Cruella Devil and her sidekick (don't know the name), and so much more!! It was a lot of fun! Jesse Weed and his family even came! It was so great being able to have so much fun in an appropriate way. Halloween on campus is super scary and everyone was dressed so immodestly....actually, they weren't really dressed at all....It was good to be at a party with no alcohol, fun and appropriate humor, and people with standards. I'm so grateful for this church and for the teachings of Jesus Christ that are found within. 

      Saturday was Halloween. Because Halloween is scary on a college campus, we were instructed to stay inside once it got dark. We had a lovely dinner at the Staker's was all Halloween themed :) Then we stayed inside and made sure our records were updated and phone calls made..then we watched a church movie :)

      Sunday we went to church and tracted. We met a lady named Micah, and she meets the criteria for our ward! She said we could come back, so we're very hopeful! 

      Yesterday we street contacted all day. 

      Today we're going to THE TEMPLE!!!!!!! AHHHH I'm so excited...I really love that place :) It will be a great day and Sister Ashby and I couldn't be more excited :) 

       I hope everyone had a fun and super safe Halloween and an even better week! Love you all!! 

D&C 112:10 

Sister Wilson"

"Sister Ashby and I did our best to dress up as
Senior Sister Missionaries :)"

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