Monday, October 26, 2015

Feed the Ghost

Here's Nicole's email that we received today!
She has some funny stories to tell. Check
them out below:

"Happy Monday!! 

    This week's letter will be! Due to a lack of investigators, Sister Ashby and I did a lot of street contacting all day, every day. As a result, there's not much to report on! Nonetheless, we did see many miracles and we have had a couple of funny experiences! 

    Monday evening, we taught the Brazilian couple again. They're so cute! They were talking about going to church and how they feel at church. As they were searching for the English words to say, they described their feelings at church as such, "I like to feed the Ghost" hahahaha. After a moment of thinking about that response, Sister Ashby said, " do you mean feel the Spirit?" They immediately agreed and said that's what they meant. They continued on, though, to say they love the way they feel at church. The Spirit when you attend church and partake of the sacrament (the bread and water in remembrance of Christ's sacrifice) is undeniable. I love going to church every Sunday and getting that break from the world. How blessed I feel for that weekly opportunity! 

     Thursday we had exchanges. Sister Murphey, who's serving in Moscow on the University of Idaho campus, came to Pullman with me. She is such a sweetheart! She's been out 2 months now and reminds me a lot of myself when I first came out. We had a grand time together!! 

      Saturday night while we were out street contacting, we walked past this lady who told us we looked very happy (you cannot not be happy when you're sharing the restored gospel of Jesus Christ). When she walked by, I called after her and asked if she's ever met missionaries before. Her reply? She turned around, and walking up to us said, "this is gonna sound really rude, but here it goes. I'm a Catholic, my husbands a Jew and if you have to be out proselytizing then God must not be with you". Then she put her hand up to her mouth as if saying "burn!" to her own "comeback" and walked away saying "God bless!" Sister Ashby and I just stood there and busted out laughing. It's really funny when people think that what they say is going to make us change. The past little while I've noticed that God and His Son, Jesus Christ, always has and always will work in patterns. They are the same yesterday, today, and forever! God called prophets then, so He calls them today. Christ sent out His apostles to proselytize after His death and resurrection, so He calls faithful servants to do the same today. Moses and Solomon and other ancient prophets built Temples (or tabernacles), so we build Temples today. God. Doesn't. Change. Nor will He ever. I'm grateful for my calling. No, it's not always easy. Not having anyone to teach has been very difficult for Sister Ashby and I. But, we know that when we're being rejected, we're standing with the most perfect Human Being that's ever lived, Jesus Christ. I feel honored that I have been counted worthy to suffer the smallest fraction of what He has suffered (Acts 5:41)

    Sunday we had Jesse Weed come to church!! We were super pumped to see him there! We're hopeful that as he continues to come, his answer to his prayers will come! This weekend we're having a ward Halloween party and we are very hopeful that many people and their friends will attend!! 

    I love you all and appreciate the prayers and support! Have a very HAPPY HALLOWEEN and be safe!! 

Sister Wilson"

"Our members take good care of us by sending us
home with lots of yummy, and very fattening food!"

"A giant yellow leaf we found :)" 

"Sister Murphey!" 

"Chilling in the Spokane Washington Mission
on Spokane Washington crossroads (:" 

 "WILSON ROAD!! There's also a Nicole Road
that I need to find (:"

"WSU Campus"

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