Monday, October 5, 2015

He Told Me "yes" In a Way I Didn't Expect Him To

Here's Nicole's email from today! Transfers were this week.
Spoiler alert: Nicole got transferred. Her birthday
is tomorrow, so once we get her new address, 
I'll be sure to post it here as well as on Facebook 
so if you want to send her something, you can.

"Hello friends and family!! 

       The end of this week went by really slow, yet super fast! It was pretty good though!! 

       My "secret" meeting was really just a Missionary Leadership Council (MLC). These meetings occur every month and are usually for all the missionary leaders, but this time other missionaries who aren't in a leadership position were invited, like me. It was so good and I learned a lot. President Dymock made a lot of changes so we're excited to see where the mission will go with these new revelations :) 

       Saturday and Sunday were General Conference! SO AMAZING!!!!! I love our new apostles that were called and all the talks were absolutely inspired! I loved Sister Stephens talk on the importance of trusting in God and His plan and the blessings that come as we do so. Of course Elder Holland and President Nelson's talks were fabulous, stressing the importance of women in the church and women in general. How great a role we play as Daughters in His Gospel! They were all just so good!! I really enjoyed President and Prophet Thomas S. Monson's talk too. The importance of developing Christ-like attributes and coming closer to Him and knowing who He is and how we can become like Him.Christ is definitely the center of everything we do and conference this weekend really reinforced that. How blessed I am and feel to be so edified. If you missed it, go and watch it. It will bring you closer to our Savior! 

      Now for transfers. This transfer call took Sister Brown and I completely by surprise. Sister Brown is staying and training a new missionary while I'm leaving to go to Pullman 2nd ward to be with Sister Ashby (Not sure if spelled right, but pernounced Ash-bee). It's a married student ward, which basically means lots of people a little older than I am who are married and have young kids. I was not expecting this and wasn't entirely thrilled about it at first. After pondering it, the Spirit opened my eyes and gave me understanding. This transfer call is an answer to my prayers. God ALWAYS answers us, but sometimes the answer is no. In my case, He didn't tell me no. He just told me "yes" in a way I didn't expect Him to. As I continue to ponder this, I began to be very grateful for my transfer call. Although I can see that it will pull me and stretch me and push me, I know that God is shaping me into something better than I could every imagine. I'm excited, and nervous (haha) to see what all God has in store for me! How blessed I feel! 

     I hope you all have a wonderful week! I love you and pray for you daily! God lives and so does His Son Jesus Christ. They love us and are watching out for us! May we always remember Them! 

Sister Wilson"

Nicole and Sister Brown 

One of MANY trains that pass through Ritzville every day 

Nicole and her fun district 

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