Thursday, October 1, 2015

I Couldn't Be More Blessed

Here's Nicole's email from this week! Please pay 
close attention to what she says about sending her 
things this next week! Her birthday is the day after
transfers, so if you plan on sending her anything, 
you need to be strategic in your timing. :)

"Hey everyone!!! 

        This past week and a half was super awesome! Sister Brown and I got to go to the Temple this morning with our awesome member, Sister Murphey, which is why our pday was moved to today :)

         First and foremost, transfers is this upcoming week, so if anyone was planning on sending anything, make sure it gets here on or beforeMonday

         So last Tuesday, we get a call and I've been invited to a mysterious meeting tomorrow. Only me...not Sister Brown. Supposedly only a handful of missionaries have been invited, so Sister Brown and I will be going on an exchange. It's a 7 hour meeting, so it will be interesting... (:

         Last week we were able to teach lots of lessons! We're teaching a family named the Giffins. Brother and Sister Giffin are less active and Sister Giffin's sister, Vonnie, and her 3 kids live with them. Brother and Sister Giffin want to be active so badly, but their jobs are what keeps them from church. They arranged for us to come over every week for a Family Home Evening so we can meet with them and start teaching their niece and 2 nephews (with Vonnie's permission). The goal is to eventually get Vonnie to sit in with us...we're hopeful! At the end of the lesson we had with them, I offered the kids stickers. They were so excited...until they saw my stickers, haha. The little girl, Alaina, asked if I had any other stickers or if Sister Brown had any....she was quite disappointed when the answer was no... 

        On Friday we met with Alexis again! Alexis is doing so great!! We finally got her concerns out about church and shared a scripture with her from the Book of Mormon! We saw her yesterday and she said she's been reading the scripture we shared with her every day since last week and that she believes the Book of Mormon to be true!! She is so great and has a strong desire to come closer to Christ and to see if this is where He wants her to be! It is such a pleasure working with her :)

        Saturday was the General Women's meeting that I failed to announce. It was so great and if you didn't get to see it, go to to watch it! It was so great and uplifting and powerful! One of my favorite quotes was, "we weren't designed to be sad, we were designed to have joy"! What a beautiful thought! God intends for us to be happy and as we turn to Him, we find everlasting joy! 

       Sunday we had an unexpected miracle. One of the first 2 weeks we got to Ritzville, we met this guy named Bobby. We talked to him briefly and gave him a card with our number and church time/address on it. We told him he was welcomed any time. Well, weeks later (this past Sunday), we walked into church and who do we see? BOBBY!! He stayed for the first 2 hours and then left. Sister Brown and I were pleasantly was so great!! (:

       Monday we had another amazing day! We got 5 new investigators! The first is a lady named Marie. She's from a part member family. Her husband is a member, but less active. While we talked with all of them she learned that family relationships last forever and that they don't end at death. She loved that truth and wants to learn more....we're excited! We also met a lady named Maria who talked with missionaries in the past. She seems pretty open and we're going to start reading the Book of Mormon with her! Amy and Emily Allen are super awesome! Amy's mom is a member and Amy grew up in the church to a degree, but never got baptized. They also agreed to let us come over weekly. They have great potential and desire to strengthen their relationship with God!! We just love them! They're an awesome family and we look forward to getting to know them more! Then we briefly met a lady named Becca. We actually talked to her husband a while ago, but didn't know that until we found the address she gave us. She seems open (and her husband did too), so we're excited to meet with them Friday!! 

        Today, we went to the Temple with Sister Murphey, as mentioned above. I have never learned more in the Temple than I did today. I am so grateful for the Temple and for the Spirit that dwells there. I know the Temple is the House of God and that we come to know Him more as we attend. It was such an awesome experience and I can't wait until my next trip!! While there, we ran into a group of elders and later a group of sisters. I love seeing missionaries in the Temple. I am so grateful that because of God's love, we can be sealed in the Temple with our families for eternity! Some of the pictures are from our trip this morning and the elders we ran into (: 

         I'll wrap up my email with the invitation to watch General Conference this weekend! It will be broadcasted on and most likely in the church buildings near you! Washington time it's 10-12 and 2-4 both days (Texas time I believe is 12-2 and 4-6?) so watch it!! It's totally worth it and it's a great way to find out what we believe and why! I love you all and pray you have a wonderful week! 

Sister Wilson"

 *Sorry this picture is sideways... it's rotated in My Pictures
on my computer, but for some reason didn't get posted correctly*

"The photo of the elder (Elder Porter) I sent on accident, haha.
He obviously took a selfie at the Temple. He was my first
district leader though!"

"The other women in the picture with Sister Brown and I are
Sister Moffett and her roommate Barb. Sister Moffett would take
us out to eat at least once every week! Sadly, her and Barb
are going on a very fun, and very long (6 months) vacation. Haha,
she's so great, she said,'I'm afraid you're going to starve when I
leave!!' Hahaha, we will miss her dearly! Her and her friend were so
sweet and we just love their company!"

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