Thursday, September 24, 2015

A Long Week of Miracles

Here's Nicole's email from the 21st!
She had a long and busy, but miracle-filled week.
Check it out below:

"Hey everyone! 
     This week was just as the title describes it. It was a long, and quite slow, work week, but it was full of miracles!! 

     We had what's called Specialized Training where 3 Zones (a bunch of missionaries) got together and were trained by President and Sister Dymock and other missionaries! It was so powerful!! I learned so much and had my prayers answered. I love how God uses other people to answer our prayers. What a blessing it is! We watched a very powerful video on the Atonement (I believe it's called Missionary Work and the Atonement) and it truly was life changing. The Atonement is life changing and I'm so grateful for Him!!!!

      We didn't have a lot of lessons this week and didn't talk to as many people (Ritzville is so small we just about talked to everyone in town! haha). Thursday was one of the days we didn't have any lessons and saw almost no one. We went to Lind that day and our appointment didn't work out. Because Lind is 20 minutes away, we decided to do Weekly Planning in the car and then go talk to people on the streets. It was rough and it was so easy to think about how "bad" the day was going and we weren't seeing any miracles, etc. Sister Brown positively said, "this just means we'll have a day of miracles tomorrow!". I thought about that and started reflecting back on our day. I tell people all the time that miracles happen every day and was determined to find the ones that happened Thursday. God amazed me right then. No, we didn't get a new investigator and now we didn't talk to as many people as desired and no we hadn't had any lessons. BUT, we got more of weekly planning done than we ever had before, we got appointments scheduled for this week and the weekend, we talked to more people that day then the day before, etc. We still had many miracles happen, but because they weren't "huge miracles", it was easily overlooked. I know that miracles happen every day and they're not always huge ones. We have so many small miracles in our every day life that we overlook. I invite all of you to reflect back on your day every day and ask God to help you notice the miracles He performed in your'll be amazed! 

       Saturday, we went to Lind again and saw our investigator, Ashlynn. She is so great! She reads the Book of Mormon Stories to her kids every night! She hasn't come to church yet because her boyfriend isn't willing yet to come and she wants it to be a family thing. Sister Brown and I pray that as we continue to meet with her, things will change :) Also on Saturday, we met Tina! We technically met Tina a few weeks ago, but she was busy and told us to come back. Every time we did, she was busy, sick, or not there. Finally, we caught her at home! Her and her daughter Rita (10 yrs) talked to us for a bit. At first, Tina sounded like she wasn't too interested in changing or doing anything....she just wanted to know more of what we do and why. At the end, though, Rita said she wanted to come to church and our member who came with us said she'd take her! Rita is good friends with our member's granddaughter so it's perfect! Tina said she could go and that she herself wouldn't make it this week but promised she would eventually come! She even asked her other daughter, Reba, inside if she wanted to go to church and she said yes!! MIRACLES!!! 

       Sunday, Rita came to church! It was the primary program and because her friend was in it, she got to sit up on the stand with her the whole time :) Reba got sick so she didn't get to time! The primary program (kids ages 3-11 sing songs, say cute things, and testify of Christ) was unbelievable and I smiled and was teary eyed the whole time. I'm so grateful for the pure, innocent, and sweet spirits these kids are. Primary is definitely an inspired program! 

       This week truly was a long week of miracles. I'm grateful for the Atonement. I'm thankful for repentance and for the promises we make with God. I'm very thankful for all He does for me and for all His Son, Jesus Christ does for me. I know they live and that they have a body of flesh and bones like we do and that that's why we truly are created in Their image. I pray each of you will have a week full of miracles too...don't forget to look for them!! Love you all! 

I love my calling! 

Sister Wilson"

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