Thursday, September 24, 2015

Bonita and Arthur at Church :)

Sorry I'm so behind on the updates!
It's been a crazy busy couple of weeks.
Here's Nicole's email from the 14th:

"Good Morning, afternoon, and evening (depending on when you read this!)! 

       Not much has happened since Wednesday, so this should be a shorter email (should being the key word!) 

       Thursday, we had Elder Daniel Johnson of the Seventy come to our mission! He shared a lot of interesting insights with us that really got me pondering. I'm grateful for the opportunity we have to hear from our general authorities and learn more from them! With the world we live in today, I don't know how sane I would be without modern day Prophets, Apostles, and other church leaders! How blessed I feel! 

       Friday-Saturday night we had exchanges with Sister Robles and Sister Ballif! Sister Ballif is the one in the picture! She came to Ritzville with me :) She's so sweet and funny! She's been out less than 3 months and it was so great to get to know her more. We had a grand ole time! 

        Saturday we did a Blitz in Ritzville! All the elders from my district came and helped us contact people and find new investigator! haha, Elder White called it Blitzville! It was a lot of fun and we really appreciated the help and support the elders give us. We feel very blessed to be able to serve with righteous priesthood holders who encourage us in our efforts! 

       Sunday, BONITA AND ARTHUR CAME TO CHURCH!!!!!!! We were so excited!!!! They only stayed for the first hour, Sacrament Meeting, and then went home. Bonita's mouth was hurting (she had teeth pulled) and Arthur Sr (husband....the Arthur that came to church was her son, Arthur Jr) has cancer and was home, so she wanted to go and be with him. We went over for a lesson later that day, and they enjoyed church! Bonita said she felt so welcomed and felt like she really fit in! That made me so happy and proud of our little branch. The members here are so genuine and so sweet! We have a 17 year old girl, Rachel, who comes with us to our appointments with Bonita. When she saw Bonita, she ran up and gave her a big hug.....It made my heart smile (: The people here are just so nice, it blows my mind! I'm so grateful for all the positivity and love that comes from this small town! 

        That basically sums up my week since Wednesday!I hope your weeks went well also! Have a wonderful week! I want to share my testimony that I know Jesus is the Christ. He is our Savior and Redeemer. We have a loving Heavenly Father who is willing to do all that He can to help us return Home. God bless you all, in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen! 

Sister Wilson"

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