Tuesday, November 11, 2014

First Week in Spokane

We got another lovely email home yesterday from Nicole. She seems to really like her first companion in the mission field in Spokane, and is enjoying Spokane. She also gave us her new address!

"Hey everyone!! 

So these photos are really all from the MTC and with my district(: I'll get more from Spokane next week!

So, Spokane is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!! It is breath taking with all the different colors up here! We arrived here Monday and I fell in love with the scenery so quickly! This week has been very bittersweet! I LOVED my district from the MTC and it was so hard to have to tell them goodbye! They've strengthened me way more than I thought possible! BUT, my companion now, Sister Rogers, is such a blessing! She has helped me feel welcomed, and loved, and important! Her testimony of the gospel is so strong and it strengthens mine. So, I arrived Monday, as I already said, and we spent the whole day with our district and mission president. We had some very awesome members willing to open up their home to allow our sisters to stay the night. Tuesday, we met our companion, had some training, got our bikes and package, said a tearful goodbye to our district, and headed off!

We live at a member's house. Her name is Sister Sachse (pronounced Saxy). She's a single woman with a dog and cat. They're really cute and sweet and friendly! Sister Sachse is so sweet too! I just love her dearly! 

Tuesday night I got to meet my first investigator! His name is Mario and he comes from a Part Member Family (PMF). His wife is a member. He is AWESOME! He had a drinking problem and a chewing tobacco problem, but he has desires to overcome them and has been progressing! He's learning to rely on God for the strength he needs. I love seeing how the Atonement can strengthen us. I've relied on the enabling power of the Atonement all week! As I struggled with this change, I've turned to my Father in Heaven through long, sincere, sometimes desperate prayers. The comfort that comes through prayer is indescribable! I'm so grateful that our Heavenly Father hears and answers our prayers! Through prayer and the power of the Atonement, I've made it through this week and have started this new week off fresh!

We have another investigator, named Rachael, also from a PMF. She struggles with smoking...a lot of people here smoke. She has a desire to overcome it too. She's just scared of the withdrawals because she becomes really mean and angry as side effects. Again, we've taught her that through the Atonement, she can and will be able to overcome! She's set a baptism date for herself!!! January 31....we're trying to get that date closer, because we know with her desire, she can quit smoking earlier! I'm so grateful to be able to see how the gospel helps people change for the better! 

The ward up here is so awesome! Everyone is so nice, warm, loving, friendly, and welcoming! I miss 7th ward though, but this is a great temporary replacement! 

Soooo...Spokane is really weird! The sun sets at 4:30, and by 5 pm it looks like midnight! It's CRAZY! We don't ride our bikes either. We live on a hill, so bike riding would be dangerous where we live. But, we do have a car that's shared with some elders. When we don't have a car, we have to rely on members for ride. They're always so willing to help! It's suppose to get really cold this week. I'm pretty sure it's not suppose to get above 30 degrees the next couple of days and it's suppose to snow this weekend!!! I'm definitely going shopping today! 

My mailing address is (for anyone who wants to write me letters:): 
Sister Nicole Andrea Wilson
4607 E 16th Ave
Spokane Valley, WA 99212-0261

I love ya'll so much and appreciate everything you do!! Hope everyone has a fantastic week! 

Sister Wilson"

Here are some fun pictures of Nicole at the MTC:

Here are some pictures of Nicole and her time in Spokane so far:

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  1. She looks happy and is so beautiful! She will love the next 18 months as she grows and helps others! What a sweet girl!