Tuesday, November 25, 2014

One Month Mark!

We got another email! With pictures!
It's crazy to think she's already been gone for a month now. :) 
We're so glad she seems to be having so much fun!

"Hey everyone! 

      This week has been a great week! We saw lots of miracles! First off, I reached my one month mark! That's CRAZY!!! It's insane to see how much happens in one month! Oh how blessed I am to be a missionary at this time! 
     This week we got to participate in 2 service projects! The first, we got to rake our new investigators yard! So many young men came to help, it was so awesome! We're so grateful for all the participants who have reached out to this family! They were so grateful! The second one, we got to help Holly (Mario's, our investigator, wife) make cute ornaments for a service thing she was doing! It was so much fun because I'm not creative, but they all turned out cute! I love being able to serve others! It brings a joy that only comes from being selfless and turning outward! 
      Speaking of Mario, he's doing pretty well! His prayers are so sincere and personal and you can tell he's talking to his Father in Heaven! I want to pray more like him and make my prayers more meaningful! I think I was called to serve a mission, not to teach others, but so I could be taught by others! I'm so humbled by everyone we teach! I walk into every house and think of how blessed I am. It's the little things that we take for granted that are truly great blessings from God. I am so humbled by the people here and what they go through! Oh how I wish I could help them all with everything. I know I can't, but that Christ can, and I can help them see that. 
    We got 3 new investigators this week and I am so pumped!!! They seem willing and open to hear our message that will greatly bless their lives! I hope they are receptive to our message! We just had an investigator drop us after 1 lesson. It was awful! Sister Rogers and I felt like we just got dumped:( We really liked Barb and thought she was a golden investigator. It's so sad to see how hard the adversary works on people as they learn the gospel. We felt really bad about it, but know that God has people prepared for us that will accept the gospel! We can't wait to find them! 
     As much fun as this week was, I was fighting a cold all week -_- I felt awful every morning and every night when we got home. I think it's no coincidence that my cold was the worst before going out, then after the day, yet during the day as we went out to serve, I almost completely forgot about it. It would subside so much and I wasn't too bothered by it. The Lord really does bless us as we do His will and help the progression of His work! He took care of me and I'm so grateful for His hand in this work! I know He's guiding us and is preparing a way for us to do this work, even if I have a cold. 
    Yesterday I went on a mini exchange with Sister Huang! We went to ward council in her ward and this sister gave the spiritual thought. She said "if you're not happy enough, you're not grateful enough". I loved that because it's so true! God has given us SOOOOO many blessings, and many of them we take for granted. It's not until we meet people who are worse off than we are that we realize just how blessed we are. When we humble ourselves, and appreciate all that we have, despite all that we might not have, we are so much happier! I thought I would share that with everyone since Thanksgiving is coming up! I hope everyone has a wonderful week and HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!! I love ya'll and pray for you everyday! 


Sister Wilson(:"


  1. You can't fake joy in your face! Look how happy she looks! It's amazing how the camera can capture the spirit! Sister Wilson rocks! Has it really been over a month?

  2. Yes! She left home on October 22nd!!