Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Goodbye Glenrose

Nicole got her first transfer call this week! While she's sad to be leaving Glenrose,
she's excited to see what lies ahead of her. Check out her latest email below!

"Hey ya'll!! 

    This week was pretty good! A lot of our lessons cancelled because everyone is getting sick:/ BUT, we met and talked to a lot of really cool people!!! 

     Sooooo.....I found out some heartbreaking new last night. Sister Rogers and I are both being transferred, and Elder Sterling and Elder Johnson are taking over. Sister Rogers is going to Post Falls in IDAHO and I'm staying in Washington in an area called Belltaire. My new companion will be Sister Gosdis and I'll meet her tomorrow. I am so sad. I have never loved so many people so much in such a short period of time! These 6 weeks FLEW BY and I hate to have to say goodbye to so many amazing people (members, less actives, nonmembers, investigators, missionaries that I serve with, etc). I couldn't understand how it was possible to have this much love for people! Today, it hit me. When you are serving the Lord and spreading His gospel to the best of your abilities, you start seeing them how He sees them as His children. You then start to love them as He does. I feel very humbled and blessed to get to see all these people through God's eyes and to feel His love for them! What a blessing a mission is! It is the hardest thing I've ever done yet, but I wouldn't change a second! I am so happy that God allowed me to serve in the Glenrose ward for a transfer! I've learned so much from them and I am truly thankful for all I have! 

     Now, onto the more positive stuff! Our zone went carolling together Saturday night! It was so great to see about 20 missionaries singing Christmas hymns and spreading the gospel! Time and time again you'd see a companionship stop and talk to people! The joy I felt then was so incredible!! I really love these missionaries!!!! 

      We had Zone Training on Friday and it was so great! Our Zone Leaders are way awesome and I've learned so much from these elders! One of them, Elder Leavitt, was talking about happiness and blessings from the gospel. He said something along the lines of "Don't wait to be happy. The blessings of the Atonement of Jesus Christ are effective IMMEDIATELY. Don't wait"! Oh how I loved this! The Atonement of Jesus Christ can and will help us every second of every day, BUT we have to let it! We have to accept Him as our Savior and turn to Him! I'm so grateful to know that even in the hardest times, I can find joy through the Savior! 

      Haha, funny, short story...Sister Huang, the sister with whom I did exchanges, said the funniest thing! I asked her what her favorite american food is and she replied "I used to say Cheetos, but no I not sure". Hahaha, it made me laugh! She's going to be a sister training leader in her area! I'm going to miss her so much when I leave!!! 

     I'm so grateful for all the letters I receive! It makes me so happy to get mail! Thank you to everyone who write me in any form (letters, email, etc.)  I love and appreciate all of you and pray for you! Have a great day and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!! 


Sister Wilson"

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