Monday, December 22, 2014

Merry Christmas!

We heard from Nicole again today! There's a correction in the ward she's
serving in - Belle Terre, NOT Belltaire. :) Also, she has sent us
her new address. It's at the bottom of her email. Enjoy!

"Merry Christmas!! 

    It's marks my 2 months out in the mission field! I am now serving in the Belle Terre ward. President Mullen attends this ward which is very intimidating! But, the members are so sweet!!

     My new companion, Sister Gosdis, is really sweet. She grew up in Salt Lake baptist and joined the church 3 years ago. She's 24. She's been out for a year and is so great. She's really different from Sister Rogers, though, and so trying to adapt to the different personalities has been difficult. On the plus side, I know 2 missionaries serving in my district! One, Elder Jemwai, is our district leader and he served in my last Zone! The other, Sister Norcross, was in my MTC zone. She is so awesome and we're very similar! We share the car with her and her companion part time! We have the car on the weekends and every other p-day. The other days we walk, bike, or catch a ride. I rode a bike the other day!!!!! It was really weird with a skirt and kinda strange...haha. But, it wasn't too bad.

      Belle Terre is really pretty and my church building is across the street from the temple! It's so awesome to be able to see the Temple every day! It brings such peace to my heart everytime I see it, regardless of how my days are going! 

      We have a few investigators we're teaching. They're all so different! One is a 71 year old man who grew up catholic (lots of Catholics up here). His name is Richard and he reads the Book of Mormon so much! He knows it's true, he's just worried about committment and what his family will think. We told him to just do what the Lord wants, because if you do it the Lord's way, you can't go wrong. It always works out the Lord's way! 

    The next investigator is 9 and her name is Kristin. She is so sweet! The only thing preventing her from getting baptized is her dad. Her mom is a member and her 12 year old sister just joined the church! Her dad is a less active, I believe, and requires Kristin to do a million things before she's allowed to join. We pray his heart will be softened and will allow her to make this choice on her own.

    We met 2 new investigators this week named Terry and Leslie. They are so sweet and have been through so much! They need the Gospel! They are so receptive to our message so far and it's all because of the experiences and trials they've had throughout their lives. It's strengthened my testimony so much that God gives us trials and experiences to prepare us for things in the future! Oh how grateful I am for the trials I've been blessed with! So many great things come through the hard times as we hold to the Gospel of Jesus Christ! I can't wait to see how the Gospel will change them and bring them so much happiness! 

   MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!! I love and miss everyone so much! I wish I could be home for the holidays, but know God needs me here right now! I hope everyone enjoys this wonderful season and remember that our Savior, Jesus Christ, is the reason behind this beautiful time of year!! Love ya'll!!


Sister Wilson"

P.s. sorry about no camera is still broken and I haven't had the time to get it looked at -_-

P.s.s My new address is: 14526 E 24th Ave
                                       Spokane Valley, WA 

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