Wednesday, December 10, 2014

First Snow in Washington

Sorry this post is late! This is the latest email from Nicole. She's bouncing back
quick from missing her first holiday. Read what she has to say below:

"Hey Ya'll!! 

     This week was still a little tough, but much better than last week! You won't get any pictures from me this week, unfortunately, because my camera inconveniently decided to stop working and won't let me do won't even let me turn on:( 

    Anyways, IT SNOWED!!!!!! It snowed in the middle of the week. Boy was I excited! I was so happy! Sister Rogers thought I was a little too excited over about 2 inches of snow (may I remind you she's from Utah), but it was still really exciting for me! It only lasted the day, though. But, I hear it's suppose to snow on Christmas....I GET A WHITE CHRISTMAS!!!!! Oooh I love the snow!!

    We had our ward Christmas party on Friday! It was fun and it had a lot of yummy food. It was a lot different than Texas Christmas Parties...Frisco 7th knows how to throw a Christmas Party! It was still fun though. Sister Rogers and I sung at scary!! Oooh, did I tell you that we sing a lot?! We sing all the time in lessons, or for strangers. At first I thought it was really weird, but people take "Can we sing you a song?" better than "Would you like to hear a message about Jesus Christ?" So, needless to say, we sing all the time! It's fun though! It's such an easy way for people to feel the spirit! I love this way of teaching!!! My district is going to go carolling!! I LOVE CHRISTMAS MUSIC!!! We listen to David Archuleta's Christmas cd a lot and it makes me happy! I just love Christmas! It's a great time for us to remember our Savior, Jesus Christ,and all that He has done for each of us individually. Being on my mission has really helped me see just how much we truly do need the Atonement of Christ! He has given up everything for us! I'm so grateful for my Savior and His willingness to take upon Himself all of my sins, sorrows, trials, sicknesses, EVERYTHING so I can have comfort, peace, and joy in this life! Oh how blessed we all are!!!

     This week, I'll have my first transfer call. I really hope I get to stay here! All the members and people are so sweet, loving, encouraging, and awesome! Sister Rogers and I feel we'll be staying together for another 6 weeks, and I really hope that happens! Glenrose has been such a huge blessing and has humbled and strengthened me so much! The members are so loving and comforting! They support and give me so much love as they realize I've been out for such a short time! How great God has been to put me here!! I pray I'll get to stay another transfer with Sister Rogers! 

      Oooh...guess what?? This week I met people from TEXAS!!! It makes me so happy when people actually know where Frisco is! There's this couple here that are moving back to Dallas in a few months. They're a young couple and we visited them last night. The wife, Sister Hansen, was like "when you get home from your mission, we should totally get together and hang out!" Haha, I was like "HECK YES!!" As you can see, the people are so friendly here! 

     So not much happened this week, but I still learned a lot. God shows me that I can't do things on my own and that I really do need Him and His help every day...we all do! I'm so grateful for this extremely difficult, yet extremely rewarding opportunity He has given me to teach others about Him and His Son, Jesus Christ! I love this gospel! I love ya'll and hope everyone is doing well! 


Sister Wilson 

p.s. I LOVE letters(: 

p.s.s If you haven't checked out He is the Gift yet....DO IT!!!"


  1. We'll pray hard for her over Christmas. The first couple months are the worst but when you add two big holidays into those first two month - well, I can't imagine. I'd also send her a letter but an address would be nice. Where would I find that?

  2. It was in a previous post, but in case you missed it, her current address is:

    Sister Nicole Andrea Wilson
    4607 E 16th Ave
    Spokane Valley, WA 99212-026

    She's about to get her first transfer call this week, so it might change. I'll be sure to update her address in another post if it changes.

  3. Nicole!! What ward are you in girly??

  4. Cristie - she was in the Glenrose ward! She just got her first transfer call (see the latest post called "Goodbye Glenrose"). She's now in Belltaire. :)