Wednesday, February 25, 2015

No Religious Witnessing

While Nicole seemed to have a tough week this week, 
she definitely had some positives too. Check out
her latest email (and pictures) home:

"Howdy howdy! 
      So this week was insanely hard. All of our investigators either dropped us, are ignoring us, or we had to pass them on to the Young Single Adult sisters. The only investigators we have now are Leslie (who, by the way, got baptized in her church last week and then came to our sacrament meeting....I think we're about to drop her....) and Shane, who is out of town a lot because he just had really bad knee surgery. Needless to say, we did a lot of tracting this week with little success. It slowly took its tool on both Sister Peeler and I and we had no motivation or desire to do the Lord's work, which made us feel even worse. I had to tell myself over and over that this is NOT MY time, but it's the LORD'S TIME and I need to use it wisely and do all that I can for the few short 14 months ahead of me. I have officially reached 4 months and it went by slowly, but also SOOOO FAST!!! These next 14 months are going to FLY by and that scares me. I want to be the absolute best that I can because Heavenly Father deserves that from me. I'm excited to start this new week fresh and with renewed energy and desire for His work! 

     Now, onto the good parts of the week, because they were there:) As I said, we did a lot of tracting this week. We run into a lot of houses with No Soliciting signs and because we're not selling anything, we can get away with still knocking. Haha, we came to this one house and right next to the No Soliciting sign was a No Religious Witnessing sign in handwriting and taped to the window. It was pretty funny! You encounter a lot of interesting things and people when tracting, and tracting is actually pretty fun! 

     Another funny tracting story..we were tracting in these apartments and we tracted into 2, it's not like we didn't know they lived there and it was a nice surprise. Rather, we didn't know they were members! So the first door, I was like "Hi, I'm Sister Wilson!" He replied "Hi, I'm Brother______" Now, we could have played that cool and said something about how we wanted to get to know his family more or something. Instead, we just stood there awkwardly and were like "you're a member?! Oh....*awkward laugh*" It was pretty awkward...supposedly he's an active member of our ward...we're good missionaries as you can see. Now, the next door we knock on and we do the same thing. We introduce ourselves and he said his name was Josh (this is an older man). We started telling him how we were missionaries and he just nodded. I then asked if he's ever met with missionaries before, and he said "yes....I'm a member of the church". Haha.....we didn't feel as dumb about this one because it turns out he was less active and hasn't come for a while. Nonetheless, it was pretty weird. 

     Friday, we had Zone Conference where President and Sister Mullen trained us on how to be better missionaries! It was so great! The picture of me and the other sisters is from that training (: 

   Another plus about this week was we had 3 investigators to church! Take it, one has been passed onto the Single Adult ward and the other is Leslie, whom we're really not getting anywhere with. But, we were glad to have them there (: 

     I'm excited to start anew and to do better and be more diligent in finding those whom the Lord has prepared to hear His gospel. I'm so grateful that we're able to have fresh starts and it's only possible through the Atonement! I hope everyone has a great week like I'm going to have! Your week and happiness really is all about how you look at it and I encourage you all to decide NOW to have a good week! I love you all and am so grateful for each of you and your influences! You're in my prayers(: 


Sister Wilson"

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