Monday, February 2, 2015

The Start of a New Transfer

Although Nicole had a long first week of the new transfer,
Nicole had a lot of positives come out of this week.
Check out her email and pictures below:

"Hey ya'll!! 

     This was the first week of the new transfer and it was LONG! Monday evening, we went to a lot of people for Sister Gosdis to say goodbye. It was funny because I was the one crying the whole time and she didn't shed a tear. Everyone was really confused as to why I was crying. Transfers are just so bittersweet for me. Tuesday, I said goodbye to Sister Gosdis, and that was so hard! She was such a great companion and I feel very blessed to have had her as my second trainer! But, she's having a great time in Colville, and we still call each other every now and then to stay updated and to ask for some help with Belle Terre as I'm still learning the area. 

    My new companion, Sister Peeler, is so awesome though! She's so cute and is such a sweetheart! She's way patient with me as I still try to get the hang of things. She's from Temekula (totally not spelled right) California, an hour north of San Diego. She's a singer and was in an A Capella group that toured and sung all over at Stake cool!! She's really sweet and I think we'll get along really well as we get used to the whole change. She was in Kellogg, Idaho for 7 1/2 months and this is her second area. It's been a great change for us both and we're just working together through it! The good new is, I know the area way better than I thought....tender mercy from the Lord! 

      Oh my goodness, OUR INVESTIGATOR ERIN IS GETTING BAPTIZED ON SATURDAY!!!!!!!!!! She's a 42 year old, but she has a mental disorder, and is mentally a 14 year old. She's the greatest though and I love her so much! She's taken the lessons for a couple years and has had so many doubts and didn't want to get baptized for family reasons, personal reasons, etc. She didn't want to be baptized for a while. Then she was afraid that she wouldn't be able to keep her commitment to come to church every Sunday because she has to watch her grandma. Then she was worried her mother would disown her. But things have really been going uphill for her. Her grandmother passed away, which was hard on her, but her worry about being baptized disappeared. The Lord really has prepared a way for her and she is so ready. She's changed from "I don't want to get baptized" to "I can't wait to be baptized!" Her relationship with her mother is better than its ever been before and she just shines!! Ahhhhhh I'm so excited for her!!!!!!!!!! 

       Yesterday, the coolest thing ever happened! We ran into a Muslim family and they let us in. We just talked a lot about our religion and learned a lot about their religion. There are many differences, but there's also a lot of similarities. They showed us their Koran and they showed us how they pray 5 times a day with their movements and cool!!!! It was way fascinating and I just really enjoyed it. They said we could come back and talk more about religion with them. Haha, we're not exactly sure how to teach them the Restored Gospel, but the Lord will help us!! 

      Despite the long week, I'm so grateful! I'm grateful for my new companion, I'm grateful for our investigators, and I'm thankful for the power of prayer. I had a bad morning full of stress and I just took 5 minutes to get on my knees and pray. The peace and comfort I felt was indescribable! I felt so much better and my testimony of prayer was so strengthened! 

       Well, I love being a missionary and I love all the prayers and support and letters! Thanks for everything ya'll do!! (: Hope everyone has a great week!

Sister Wilson"

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