Monday, July 20, 2015

God's Unfailing, Unconditional, Perfect Love

Sorry I'm behind in updating!
Here's Nicole's email from last week.

"Hey Everyone!!!!! 

      Yes, I did get my transfer call, but you'll have to wait 'til the end to find out :) 

      This week was long, but good! The week before transfers is always weird feeling. But, nonetheless, it was a very blessed week full of miracles and tender mercies from our loving Father in Heaven! 

      Monday, we saw the Wimpfheimers. They're the family with the foster kids...with Jeanine (recent convert), Pam (our investigator), and another young lady Tatiana. We had dinner with them and shared a message about forgiveness! We tried to make it fun, so we took the chorus from Frozen's Let It Go and rewrote it for them. It was funny! The awesome lyrics go something like this: Let it go, let it go Don't hold onto it anymore. Let it go, let it go Throw your grudges out the door. Yes it's hard, but you'll find joy this way. Jesus forgives you, so forgive your fellow beings too. haha, the tune got a little weird near the end, but it fulfilled our purpose :) It was fun and they loved it! Pam even asked if we could write down the lyrics for her haha. 

     Tuesday was GREAT!! We were super busy with appointments, which is a missionary's dream! We saw Tamara, who is our only investigator in Deer Park right now. She's awesome! Her husband is less active, but is super supportive of her looking into the church. In fact, he encourages her! She is super great, open, and searching. I love her dearly :) She has a desire to know the truth and to get have an eternal family! She's praying about baptism and SHE'S JUST SO AWESOME!! That evening, we saw Meg again! We asked her about church and how she felt and the possibility of her making it a consistent thing. She said she'd consider it, which is great! She doesn't like Clayton ward for some reason (Clayton is great) so she doesn't want to go there. We mentioned to her to come to Deer Park right now. We explained that God doesn't care which congregation she goes to at this point, He only cares that she's going to church and renewing her promises that she's made with Him.....she said she'd consider it and talk to her husband!! Happy me :)

       Wednesday, we did another blitz in Canada all day...I love Canadians :)

       Thursday we saw Sister Schmidt and her family. Sister Schmidt is super great!!! We did a fun game with her kiddos that got us all laughing. There is so much joy when you are sharing the gospel! At the end, we asked Sister Schmidt if she'd come to church for our last Sunday (we were  100% sure that Clayton was getting their own set of missionaries and we were crushed that this was our goodbye). She said "I think I can do one hour"! AHHHHH! She said she'd come to church for us:) I love the love we have for others and the love they have for greater feeling :)

       Friday and Saturday we did an exchange with the Canada sisters. Sister Day came to Deer Park with me and it was a lot of fun! I love her! We just laughed the whole time and had great lessons! We even saw Pam again! She said our Forgiveness lesson really helped her. We taught her about the Restoration and she felt the Spirit strongly! She asked us to come back again! We love her to pieces!! Saturday we saw Meg! It went well except for the end when I started bawling my eyeballs out at the fact this was (most likely) our goodbye. Of course I started a chain reaction because by the time we were done, we were all crying. Haha

       Sunday, I learned a wonderful lesson. First off, I am getting so anxious for the call of doom. I hate transfers.....with a passion! Anywho, Meg came to Deer Park ward! She save us a seat and stayed for 2 hours!!!! It was so great!!!!!!! I just love her so much! Then, Clayton Ward starts and we are anxiously searching for Sister Schmidt. She never showed up. We were bummed and hoping we would have had one last hoorah with her. But, it happens so we didn't dwell on it. Well, as sacrament begins, the person conducting the meeting stood up and announced the passing away of Sister Schmidt's brother, whom she lived with. I started bawling (I cry too much). I didn't even know him! He's less active as well. I've seen him (because Sister Schmidt lives with him) and have said hi a couple of times, but that's it. I didn't understand why I was so emotional. I cried the whole sacrament meeting, then in Relief Society and on the way home. I just didn't understand why I was THAT emotional over unlike me. But, as I was trying to understand what was wrong with me, these words came to my mind, "This is Christ'like love". The Spirit then expounded that for me. He told me that I was loving God's children the way He loves them. I realized I was crying because someone I've come to truly and deeply love, lost someone she deeply loves. I am so grateful for the Love of God! Feeling God's unfailing, unconditional, perfect love for us is a wonderful feeling. But, feeling God's unfailing, unconditional, perfect love for OTHERS is even better. I am so grateful that my calling allows me to love people as God's one of the greatest gifts I have been given and I will forever be grateful for it. 

    Okay, okay, I'll end the suspension :) Sister Kulcsar is going to Post Falls, Idaho, while I'm staying in Deer Park AND Clayton!! My new companion is Sister Erickson from my MTC district! This was such a shocker!!! I couldn't believe it! I cried tears of joy. Everything I wanted to have happen this transfer did, and that's a huge miracle. Finding out that I get to stay with all these people I've come to love was one of the happiest moments on my mission. How blessed I feel! I'm excited to see where this transfer takes me! I'm grateful for all that I've been given! I pray you all have a wonder week full of miracles...I know I will! 

Sister Wilson"

Nicole and the wonderful Schmidt family

Nicole and Meg

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