Monday, January 4, 2016

Week 1

This was Nicole's first week of the new transfer.
Even though it's stressful, she's loving overseeing
two wards. Check out her email and pictures below:

"Hey everyone!! 

    So, I survived week 1 of the new transfer! It has been so stressful trying to balance both areas, but it's going to happen and I'm excited for the day it does :)
     Tuesday, I said goodbye to Sister Blackwell and got Sister Foo. She's from American Fork Utah and her parents are from Singapore. She's been out almost 9 months and is such a sweetie! Tuesday night we saw Katrina. Oh my heck she is wonderful. She told us a story that strengthened my testimony! She was coming across some anti-Mormon material online that really bothered her. She got really upset over it and started questioning a lot of things. She even questioned whether or not she wanted to continue coming to church. Well, the next day,Sunday, she came to church. During Relief Society (a meeting where all the Women get together to learn and grow in the teachings of Jesus Christ), she heard a comment one of the sisters in our ward had made. This particular sister said something along the lines of not turning to man's knowledge to gain God's knowledge. She had explained that the internet is full on man's knowledge and that if we want GOD'S knowledge, then we have to turn to GOD!! Katrina felt the Spirit so strong and helped her realize that she was on the right path God wanted her to be on. The miracle? Katrina usually always leaves Relief Society early to nurse Storm (her baby boy.....all her kids' names are Rain, Skye and cute :) ). This just so happened to be one of the very few Sundays she didn't have to. Every little piece fell perfectly into place and I'm so grateful to know that God always makes things work out....always. His gospel is true and leads us to happiness. If we want to know His Truth, we have to ask Him. I would invite everyone who has any questions, doubts, or concerns to ask Heavenly Father in prayer. He will lead you the right way and I know He can silence all fears. 

     Wednesday we had a few lessons with some less active members. One particularly, the Rasmussens, are slowly progressing. We're trying to help Sister Rasmussen gain a testimony of the Book of Mormon for herself. Her husband likes everything about the church BUT the Book of Mormon. He won't sit in with us when we read it with his wife. This past Wednesday, though, he didn't read with us, but  sat in and made some good comments a few times. His heart is softening and it's a great sight to see :) 

    Thursday we tried figuring out River Ridge.

    Friday we had a dinner at a members house.This member is active and breeds chihuahuas.This being said, they have like 70 little chihuahuas that run around the house. It was CRAZY!!!!!!! I felt like I was surrounded by the 101 Dalmations, only they were small, barking chihuahuas! Haha, it was quite the experience and Sister Foo and I are glad we got to experience it together :)

     Saturday we spent a lot of the day in River Ridge. We met a less active, part-member family named the Kesslers. They are so aweswome! The parents, who are Less active, are working on coming back and getting sealed in the Temple. They're hoping that their kids will get baptized and we'll get to teach excited!
      Sunday we had church which was so awesome :) I love church and having 2 wards is a blast, even if it's stressful at times. I love the peace that comes when we attend church and it was much needed rest from the week :) 

       I hope everyone has a great week and is staying warm! It's cold up in Washington! I love you all! I know my Savior lives. I know He loves all of us and is walking with us every step of the way. I love Him. I love representing Him every day and will continue to do so until I die....and then I'll do it some more in the eternities. His plan is perfect. I pray everyone will feel of His love and will love Him back! Have a wonderful week!! 

Sister Wilson"

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