Sunday, January 24, 2016

Week of Miracles

Sorry I'm late in getting this up this week!
Nicole emailed us on Tuesday this week,
instead of Monday. Check out her email
and pictures below!

Happy Tuesday!!! 

     This week was really good! Lots of miracles happened and I'm loving it!! God is so good!

     Monday, we had a really good lesson with Katrina at the Merrill's (our ward mission leader and his family) house. It was awesome!! We talked about things we are willing to give up for Christ and for God and for the chance to return to Them to live with our families for forever. It was so powerful to hear what everyone is willing to sacrifice for something greater. I decided I'm going to sacrifice my pride....I've noticed how prideful I really am and want to become more humble. What are you willing to give up for Christ? 

     Wednesday we had another lesson with Katrina that went well.....I love her so much!!!!!! 

     Thursday we saw the Beckman family. They're awesome! They're preparing to go to the Temple and get sealed next month!!!!! I'm so excited for them!! What a wonderful gift it is to go to the Temple and be sealed with those we love for time and all eternity!!! AHHHHHH :) 

      Friday-Saturday I went on an exchange with Sister Kulscar!! It was fun to be her companion again. Haha, I went to her area for the exchange and we both got so lost! She's been there for 3 weeks and they have the tiniest GPS I had ever seen and all these maps. We spent 2 hours trying to get home Friday night....2 HOURS!! Haha, it was pretty exciting. It was a ton of fun to reunite with my former companion :) 

     Sunday we had a really good lesson in Relief Society about the peace that comes from Jesus Christ. They used John 14:27 as the basis and it was so powerful! We shared the message with Katrina and Seth last night since they missed church due to illness. It was really neat to hear their experiences with peace from our Savior! 

      Yesterday, we got a new investigator in Nine Mile!! She was a miracle. Her name is Hannah Proctor and she talked with missionaries in the past. Sister Blackwell taught her for a little while. We went by to see if we could share more with her and she was all open to it! We'll see her Thursday morning :) Things are slowly but surely picking up and I'm excited!! I know God's hand is in this work and that He is helping His Children come unto Him by putting them in our path. I can't wait to see what God has in store for me these next few months!! I love being a missionary. I love this calling more than anything!! It's a true blessing to be a part of the work of Salvation :) 

       Have a great week! 

Sister Wilson


Exchange with Sister Kulscar 

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