Thursday, December 31, 2015


Here's Nicole's email from Monday! As most of you know, 
we got to Skype with Nicole on Christmas Day. It was SO 
great getting to see and talk to her! She's doing so well.
She was beaming with joy and truly loves being a missionary. 
Her arm is even out of the sling! Here's what she said 
this week, pictures included. Enjoy!!


    So this week was kinda crazy!  On Tuesday, the best thing we did was go caroling!! The elders in our district came up to Nine Mile and we caroled! It was a lot of fun! We got to go to Katrina's house and a couple of members' houses. We also got to go carol tracting :) It was so much fun! We have a really great district and it was such a great bonding time while spreading the Christmas Cheer (: 

     Wednesday was a day full of trying to find new people to teach. 

     Thursday was Christmas Eve. We had the opportunity to teach a lady named Jhamee the Restoration! We found her tracting a couple weeks ago. When we taught her the Restoration, she was so excited and said it made sense!! She still has a few questions, but she said it made a lot of other things click. I LOVE that about the just makes sense :)  We also got to go to the Beckmans that evening. The Beckmans are AWESOME!! The parents just started coming back to church and their 2 middle kids, Nicole and Aleric got baptized earlier this year! Their uncle, Tom, just came back to church and received the Priesthood! They're all working on going to the Temple to be sealed for eternity!! The oldest son, Joey, isn't baptized yet, but we're trying to work on him! He's so shy though, but we'll get him! So, Christmas Eve evening we went over there, opened their nice gifts they gave us, ate chili dogs, and sung Christmas songs around the fire. It was so much fun!!! The members here are the greatest and really involve us in their family traditions (: 

    Friday was Christmas! Because it snowed all day, every day, we had a white Christmas!! (: We had a meal at the Cheney's house and got to Skype home (: Then we went to the Knacks and saw them and shared a message. We also saw Katrina again and shared a Christmas message with her :) She's doing so great!! She's really progressing with her quitting smoking and drinking coffee and she gets so excited every time she does a little better :) It makes me so happy to see how happy she is as she's taking the steps towards baptism!

     Saturday I was sick all day -_- 

     Yesterday, we had a  WONDERFUL church service! It all started with the meeting we had before church. There was a spiritual thought given that made me think. The lady in our ward talked about a painting of Christ sitting on a park bench next to a teenager dressed in all black. She posed the question, what would you ask Christ if you were sitting next to Him on a park bench? How great that question is! What would we ask Him? Then the meetings went so well too!! The Spirit that comes from going to church is indescribable!! Then, last night we got our transfer calls. Sister Blackwell is leaving and I'm staying. My new companion will be Sister Foo. We will be taking over Nine Mile AND River Ridge ward. The 2 wards were combined and then when Sister Blackwell got here 6 months ago, it split. Now we're taking the 2 of them over again. It will be different, but I'm excited! It's a little stressful after 3 weeks, but I can't wait to see how I'm going to grow from this experience. As we ponder this transfer, we see how perfect God's plan is and all the things that are falling into place as a result! I love His plan. I know His hand is in ALL things, even though we may not always recognize it! I'm grateful for my brings so much joy! 

    I hope ya'll had a great Christmas too! May you always remember your Savior and all that's possible because of Him! Have a Happy and SAFE New Year!! Don't do anything stupid (:

Sister Wilson"

 District Carroling

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