Sunday, December 27, 2015


Sorry for the super late post!
This week has been hectic to say
the least, with Christmas and all.
Here's Nicole's email from last week.

"Hey Everyone!!! 

     This week was crazy and, therefore, this email will be short.

     We had a training all day on Tuesday with President Dymock. He's been very inspired and had told us of the changes the Lord wants us to make as His servants. I am very excited to follow his counsel and guidance and seeing the miracles that will happen as a result!! 

     Thursday we had weekly planning and went out working. 

     Friday-Saturday we had an exchange with the sisters (: It was fun, but interesting. It's been snowing a lot, which is so beautiful!!!!! Due to the snow, though, we couldn't go out all day on Friday. Sister Thompson and I had to be very creative, and it was really hard. Then Saturday, Sister Blackwell had a bad migraine and had to stay inside for a couple of hours. Again, it was tough. I'm learning though, that we can't control everything. We have to let go of what we can't control and worry about what we can control. Life happens sometimes, and we don't always like it. Nonetheless, when all is said and done, the things we can't control won't matter as much as what we do with the things we can control. When we finally did go out on Saturday, it was great!! We knocked on this door that had a "Happy Birthday Jesus" snow cake in their front yard. Turned out to be a minister's house. She talked to us for a good while and then gave us some referrals of people to go see. One of them, Cicyle (si-silly) is super awesome and seems open!! She said we could come back when she gets back in town. We're really hopeful for her!!
      Yesterday, we had a great church meeting! We learned a lot about Christ-like attributes. What a great gift to give to the Savior this year! He has given us literally everything that we have. Surely we can give Him our efforts of making Him a bigger part of our lives. The only thing that that will bring us is greater joy, peace, happiness, hope, and many more blessings into our lives!! I challenge all of you to think of some ways you can bring Christ more into your lives! DO IT!!! 

      Today, we got to go to the Emerson Family's house and make eggnog. It was a lot of fun!! We separated 5 dozen eggs! It was a blast and I'm slowly getting to know more members! Transfers are coming up on Sunday and we have no idea what will happen. Sister Blackwell has been here for 6 months. She thinks she'll stay another transfer, but I have no idea. Whatever happens, though, the Lord knows what He's doing! 

     I hope you all have a wonderful week and a very merry Christmas. May we all remember why we celebrate this season and what makes it so special!! I love you all (: 

2 Nephi 19:6

Sister Wilson"
Christmas Tree 

 Emerson Family

  Emerson Family

  Emerson Family

"Happy Birthday Jesus" Snow Birthday Cake


  1. Kelli, you do a great job keeping this updated... I am always impressed with her sweet letters and testimony! Can she really have only 4 months left?

  2. Yes! Believe it or not, she'll be back at the end of April, early May!!