Thursday, December 3, 2015

Slow Work Week, Fun Experiences

Hey everyone! Here's the email Nicole
sent us this week. She had a little mishap,
but she's doing fine. :) Read about her week below:

"Hey everyone! 

      I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! We sure did! This week was slow work wise, but we had some fun experiences. 

      Thanksgiving was great! We had many member's offer to feed us! I love our members! They take good care of us. We had two appointments that day and I felt like I was going to explode by the end of the day hahahaha. 

     The big events of the week happened over the weekend. Saturday morning we went tracting and we ran into a Chinese family. They were really nice and let us in. We talked to them for twenty-ish minutes until we had to go. As we got up to leave, the cute Chinese woman asked to take a picture with us. Seeing that we still had our coats on she felt the need to go grab a coat for herself, so that way she was dressed the same as us in the picture. She took a few pictures with us, and then invited her daughter and her husband to join. It was really funny! I love the Chinese people, they always let us in! Saturday it snowed. It actually snowed a lot this week, it was very cold, but really pretty! Everything here is white. It is such a tender mercy from our Heavenly Father. Later that day we went street contacting. Because it was Thanksgiving Break, not many people were out. As we were walking though, one of our members pulled over and started talking to us. She invited us to her home to decorate ginger bread houses. It was so much fun! They even offered to feed us dinner! It was a nice break and Sister Ashby and I really appreciated it! 

     Yesterday, we went to church and it was fantastic! We had a great Sunday School lesson on the love of God. It was a great time for me to think about all the ways I've felt His love this week. Later that evening we were out walking around and talking to people. We saw this guy across the street and decided to go and talk to him. We gave him a card with a link to the new Christmas video. (You can see this video on It is super great...go watch it!) He said thank you and then gave me a big was SO WEIRD...I was in shock for a few seconds, Sister Ashby can attest to that. It was so weird, but it was so funny. As we were walking home, at the very end of the night I had a mishap. I slipped on some ice and fell on my side. This morning I woke up and noticed my elbow was swollen from the fall last night. After talking to our mission medical missionary, we went to the doctor's to get it x-rayed. Turns out, I fractured my elbow! I have to wear a sling for the next couple of weeks. As I pondered my situation I began to see God's hand in it very clearly. There were so many ways my fall could have been worse and it wasn't. I am so grateful for God's watchful care over us. I feel so very blessed that it didn't turn out worse than it is. I'm also very blessed to be serving in this area with Sister Ashby and the other Sisters. They have been a huge help today. 

     I hope everyone has a great week and is able to recognize all the blessings that are in each day. I'm thankful for my calling and for the Atonement of Jesus Christ. May we all remember Him in the things that He does for us. 

Sister Wilson
3rd Nephi 17:7"

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