Saturday, December 12, 2015


Hey guys! Here's Nicole's latest
email. Sorry I'm getting it posted
so late! Enjoy!!

"Hey Everyone!! 

     This week has been so crazy!! It's been kinda tough with my arm in a spling, but I am so grateful for Sister Ashby!! She's been a huge help as well as the other sister who serve around me! We had some beautiful days this week! We got some more snow...and ice! But no more accidents (:

     Thursday I received a Priesthood blessing for my arm. I am so grateful for the Priesthood!!!!! I'm so thankful for the elders I serve with who are worthy enough to hold it. How grateful I am to be in this church and to know so many righteous young men!! Thursday evening we saw a miracle. We went out to street contact on campus and neither of us were feeling real motivated. I said a prayer in my heart asking God that as we put forth our effort, despite our lack of motivation, if we could see miracles...then we did!! We ran into this guy named Lindani (Lynn-Dawn-ee). He's from Zimbabwe, going to school, and has kids that are 3 and 1. He became our new investigator!!! WHOOOO!!!! Miracles happen as a result of faith and diligence (:

     Friday we had a zone meeting. It was so great! We have a wonderful zone and we're all so close! I couldn't have asked for better people to serve with. Then comes the Sister Ashby and I were retiring for the night on Friday, we noticed a missed call from the APs (assistants to the president for those who don't know). We called them back, curious as to why they would be calling's not very common for APs to call missionaries other than the zone leaders to give us information. The elders told us an E.T was going to take place in Pullman. E.T. stands for emergency transfer. He told me I was leaving Pullman to go to Nine Mile Falls and that I would be leaving the next day. Me and 2 other sisters in the zone are leaving. My heart broke. I love Pullman and I love Sister Ashby and the other missionaries I see on a daily basis. We got all packed up and got everything ready to go. Because we weren't leaving until 2, we had one last district lunch. We said our final goodbyes and headed off! It was very bittersweet. Missions are so weird like that, haha. The work was so slow in my area and we didn't have really anyone to teach. But I loved Pullman and I miss it dearly! 

     So now I am in Nine Mile Falls with Sister Blackwell. She's great and really patient with me. She's from Indiana and has been out 5 1/2 months. She's been in Nine Mile Falls her whole mission thus far. We'll be spending Christmas together! Nine Mile Falls is right next to Deer Park. It's kinda booney and really spread out. We'll be doing a lot of driving. The ward here is HUGE!! It's a family ward and there are so many people. They're all very nice and welcoming though! There's a sister here that's leaving for her the MTC before going to the Dallas Texas Mission! The people here are nice and I think it will be an enjoyable last 3 weeks of the transfer! 

     There will be a lot of pictures this week since I didn't send any last week, so bear with me!! I love you all and hope your weeks are amazing!!!

Sister Wilson"

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