Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Bye-Bye Belle Terre

Here's Nicole's latest email home! While she did get
transferred this week, she's really excited about exchanges in Canada!
Read her email below:

"Hey Everyone! 

      This past week was pretty good! Like every week, we have our ups and downs, but it was still full of miracles! 

      Now, before I describe my week more, we got our transfer calls....Sister Peeler is staying in Belle Terre and I am going to Deer Park...I hear it's booney, but.....I'LL GET TO GO TO CANADA ON EXCHANGES!!! I am sooooo excited to go to Canada! Haha (: 

      Tuesday, we stayed in all day because Sister Peeler wasn't feeling too well. 

       Wednesday, was so awesome! We met all of our goals and accomplished so much! 

       Thursday, we had BEAUTIFUL weather....we've had 70s since Friday and it's suppose to last a while. We got to ride our bikes on Fridayand do some service for a family in our ward, the Fryers. The husband is less active and his mother just died. It's been so hard on them all. I am just so grateful for my family and for my Heavenly Father's love....He loves us so much, He sent His Son so that we would all be able to live forever with our families....how great is our God!!  

       Saturday, we had Elder Nelson, one of the 12 apostles on the earth today, come and speak to us. We also had a member of the 70, Elder Clark, come speak to us. He's brand new to the 70, and this was his first assignment as a member! It was so exciting! Elder Clark talked about the importance of building our foundation on Jesus Christ as described in John 6:46-49 (I think that was the right reference). It was so great and inspiring! Then Elder Nelson talked on the tribes of Israel and our lineage, which was very interesting!! I am just so grateful for modern day leaders!! They are so amazing, inspired, loving, and AWESOME!! The best part??? I GOT TO SHAKE THEIR HANDS AND TAKE A PICTURE WITH THEM!!!! Our whole mission (200 missionaries) gathered together for it...it was so cool (: 

      Sunday was great! We had a guy who just returned home from his mission give his homecoming talk. It was great! His sister just got called to his exact same mission...crazy right? All the people in the mission were praying that his sister would be called there ever since they heard she was starting her papers...miracles!!! We also had dinner at a member's home last night and they lived up on the mountain (Sister Peeler calls it a hill, but I'm from Texas so it's a mountain (: ). I was looking out at their view in amazement, and asked if they get a lot of deer in their yard...their response: "Haha...we call them food storage" Hahaha I thought it was really funny! 

        I have absolutely loved serving in Belle Terre! The members and people in this area have been such a blessing and I feel honored that God let me serve there for 4 1/2 months...how blessed I have been!! Ooh...speaking of which....Wednesday is my 6 month mark....WHAT THE HECK?! Ahhh....time is FLYING by!! It's so crazy!!! I am determined to make every second count, even though that's insanely hard sometimes! I just have a year left to serve the Lord with all my heart, might, mind, and strength and I want to do just that! I'm excited to see what He has in store for me and all the amazing people He's going to put in my life in Deer Park!

        The older lady I'm with in the picture is Sister Francis! She is SOOO awesome!! She's going to miss me a lot. She wanted to take me out for manicures as a going away gift haha. I have absolutely loved staying with her! She is the sweetest lady ever...I hope to be like her when I get old :) She's the funnest lady ever. I love her so stinking much!! Anyways, that's my photo...thought it was important to share how much I love this lady...she is so amazing! 
      I hope all is going well for everyone! I love and pray for you daily!! Have a wonderful week full of miracles and enjoy every day! Like President Monson says "you can find joy in every day"! Love you!!! 

Sister Wilson"

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