Monday, May 4, 2015

Deer Park

Sorry I'm behind in updating y'all! This is Nicole's
email home from last week. Her P-Day was on Wednesday
instead of Monday, and it usually takes a couple of
days before I'm able to update. Read about her
crazy first week in Deer Park below:

     "Hey everyone!! We went to the Temple today, so that's why my pday is so much later. Anyways, it's been an insanely crazy first week in Deer Park! 

     Before I left Belle Terre, we had a miracle!! The picture with me and those fabulous children of God in front of the Temple was from last Monday. That evening, we took our less active, Sonja ( she's the one on my left in the sweatshirt) on a church tour. We worked with her for FOREVER to get her to come to church and she never would. She was so stubborn. Nonetheless, she was slowly progressing. It was so amazing to watch her grow and you could start to really see the Spirit working through her. The last time we invited her to church, the Spirit placed an idea in her mind that she should go visit the church again first to re-familiarize herself with the building before she goes back (it's been a super long time since she's been). So....we took her on a church tour! Our recent convert Erin, on my right and Ed (the greatest missionary in the whole entire world) were there too for fellowship. As we walked around the church, we helped her remember her baptism (she's a convert who joined a few years ago). When we got into the chapel, she started crying. The Spirit was so strong and she felt at was AMAZING!!! Of course I was bawling too....when you don't have any investigators to work with, you spend a lot of time with less actives (which are just people who are members, but don't attend). It was incredible. The chapel was the last part of our church tour, so as we were leaving, Sonja asked if we could walk around the know because it's right across the street(: It was soooo great! We all walked around the House of God and she exclaims "I'm going inside someday. I'm going to do it" Of course I'm bawling the whole time. She has a goal to go to the Temple to make promises with God and to feel the peace that comes from this Holy Place. None of these 3 amazing people have been to the Temple yet, so it was so great to walk and talk with them!!! This picture is one of my favorite moments captured on my mission and I am so very grateful and blessed to have had the opportunity to serve with them! 

      Tuesday morning, I said my final goodbyes to Sonja, she wanted to see me one last time....meaning, I had one last time to push her to go to church on Sunday(: I also said goodbye to my awesome companion. I learned so much from her and I love her dearly(: But, my new hungarian companion is so awesome! Her name is Sister Kulcsar (Cole-ch-are). She is so sweet and really funny!! I love serving with her! 

      Serving in Deer Park is wayyyyy different. I actually cover 2 wards...Deer Park and Clayton. We share Clayton with a pair of Elders though, so that makes it fun...and interesting haha. This area is HUGE!!!! I could bike from one end of Belle Terre to the other in 15 minutes. Now it takes 40 minutes to drive to our dinner appointment. Some of our appointments are an hour's so crazy! But, it's fun and really beautiful! Supposedly we get free bowling on p days(: The ward members are very nice, though Sundays are very long. With the 2 wards and the meetings for both wards, I'm at church from 7:30 am to 5 pm every Sunday, so that's a little different haha! Along with the few extra hours of church, I get an extra hour of study in the morning. Normally we have 2 hours (1 for personal study and 1 for companion study), but now we get 3 for Sister Kulcsar to do language study. At first I didn't want an extra hour, but I LOVE it now! I learn so much as we take it slower and really try to understand what the scriptures mean. 

      To sum it up, it's been a very tough week (like all first weeks of new transfers), but a very blessed week. It will take time for me to fully get use to all the changes, but I'm grateful for this new opportunity and I know I'll grow A LOT while working in this area with these people and with my new companion. I hope all is going well with everyone!! I sure do love and pray for you all daily! Have a wonderful rest of the week and I'll write again on Monday!! 

Sister Wilson

Ps. my new address is:

32304 N Spotted Rd
Deer Park WA 99006  

We live with the nicest old people...I'll tell more next week!"

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