Monday, May 4, 2015

I'm a Wicken

Here's Nicole's latest email home! It sounds like
she had a great and productive week:     

     "Hey Everyone! Not much has changed since Wednesday, but it's been a much better past few days! 

     Thursday and Saturday we had the opportunity to do some service for a couple different people in the wards. I love being able to serve's so great! On Friday, we got 2 new investigators, 1 in each ward!! So exciting!! One's name is Andrea. We found her at a park with her kids and we went up and started talking to her. She was so great! She asked for a "statement of Faith" so we gave her 13....we gave her an articles of faith card (which is simply 13 statements about our beliefs). She said she would love to talk to us, but couldn't at the time. Then SHE asked if there was a time we could meet....what the? It was so great!!!!! We set up a time and then we invited her to be baptized when she comes to know our message was true. She's been baptized twice already, but said she'd do it again...NO ONE says that! She is totally prepared and we're excited to start teaching her:) The second is name Wanda. She's lives in the Clayton ward and she's been taught by missionaries before and is open to learning more. Her husband passed away not too long ago and he was a member. She wants to learn more about what he believed! 

      Yesterday was fast and testimony was soooooo great!! I love hearing the experiences other members of the church have with the gospel of Jesus Christ! I have to tell you about an awesome experience from yesterday. There's this dumb girl (dumb as in can't speak at all except for a few words) in Clayton ward. Her name is Sharon and I've never met her before yesterday. She and another woman walked up to the stand to bare testimony. The friend explained that Sharon's been wanting to share her testimony for a really long time, but they never knew how to go about it. After fasting and praying, they came up with a good idea! They typed it!!!! The friend read Sharon's testimony while Sharon stood there looking at everyone! It was the most beautiful, touching testimony I have ever heard. In the testimony she said, "I love this gospel and I'm going to testify of it always!" How beautiful that is!! This lady who can't speak but a few words is proudly going to testify of the Restored gospel of Jesus Christ in every way that she knows how. It made me analyze my missionary efforts and realize that I could do a MUCH better job. At the end of the testimony, Sharon was able to close it "in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen". I bawled! It was such a testimony builder to me that everyone has a part to play in the spreading of the gospel and we all need to play that part. We have been blessed with many gifts and talents that we need to use to help others feel of God's Spirit....Sharon did just that! 

      After church we went out to see people..we met a lot of people so that was great! We walked up to this couple and they immediately shewed us away. The lady exclaimed "I'm a Wicken!! I'm a Wicken! I don't want to hear religion!" I asked Sister Kulcsar what that was and she said it's like a witch....this is the second witch I've encountered on my mission....I met a lady who said she was a witch in Belle Terre. It's very interesting.... 

       So Deer Park is great(: It pushes me to be a better missionary and a better person. I love my companion. I love the 2 wards I serve in. I love the Gilson, the cute older couple I live with...they are so great! I just love living with older people! Sister Francis (the member I previously lived with) was the funniest lady ever! The Gilsons are just like her! So sweet, funny, and loving! I have been so blessed with my living arrangements! I'm so grateful for all that my Father has given me! I would invite everyone to pay more attention to all the blessings you have. We are so blessed and it would be a sin not to acknowledge Heavenly Father for everything. I love you all and pray you're doing well! To all the mothers out there, HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!!!!! You women are amazing and we love and appreciate you dearly! Love you!! 

Sister Wilson"

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