Wednesday, May 13, 2015

If God Had a Refrigerator, Your Picture Would Be On It

This past weekend, we got to Skype with Nicole for Mother's Day. She's doing very well!
She was so happy and bubbly, like always. She was so incredibly excited to tell us that
the first yard she's ever had to mow in her entire life was done in CANADA!
She hated the mowing part, but loved that she experienced it in another country. :)
She even told us about how "weird" Canada is, because they measure temperature
in Celsius and distance in kilometers. When we told her we were the
weird ones, she just couldn't believe it! Then on Monday,
she sent us the following email, complete with pictures:

"Hey everyone!! 

    So...this week was personally super duper tough. I struggled a lot in every way. But, it taught me the importance of enduring to the end (staying faithful ALWAYS even when life gets hard). As I spent a lot of time in sincere prayer and made sure to read from the Book of Mormon every day, I was finally able to come out of my "slump" at the end of the week. I wouldn't have made it through this week if it weren't for the Atonement, or sacrifice, of Jesus Christ! I'M SO GRATEFUL!!! Despite the hardness of the week, I saw so many miracles, blessings, and tender mercies! As we turn to God and do our very best all the time, He will help us and we will be greatly blessed!! I didn't enjoy my trials, but I'm very grateful for the lesson I've been able to learn from them :) 

     This week we did some service for a less active who's moving. We helped her clean her house. On the way there, we passed by a church with a funny sign that said "If God had a refrigerator, your picture would be on it" hahahahaha. I thought it was so funny! It's true though (: God loves each of us and knows us personally and we would totally be on his fridge :) 

       We're teaching this lady named Beth. She's living with a member who is coming back to church (she's been less active for a while). This less active, Sister Woehmeyer, is GREAT!!! She's the best fellowship ever for Beth! Beth has had questions and doubts about some things we've taught her, especially Joseph Smith. As we've committed her to pray more and read from the Book of Mormon, she's coming around. We got a text from Sister Woehmeyer the other day that said Beth told her "I think I found what I've been looking for with the Mormons"!!! She's mentioned being baptized to her and she stays up late reading the Book of Mormon! She's been to church twice and LOVES it!!!! AHHHHHH!!!! I can't wait for our next lesson with her on Wednesday!! She's so awesome! She's even invited her friend to the lessons...she's already a missionary :') 

      Another exciting thing that happened to me.....I WENT TO CANADA!!!!!!! We had exchanges and I got to go with Sister Larsen to Canada...I was way excited!! The Canadians say "ay" a lot, which is so funny, and their temperature is in celsius. We got to do some service for this lady, and she was talking about how hot it gets. She said "it gets to 40 degrees!" I was like "40? That's winter in Texas!!" Then she started laughing at me as I realized the difference.....oops :) Another fun part, was I got to mow my first Canada!! How many people can say they mowed their first lawn in Canada? Not many :) It was a good exchange :) 

      One last thing before I close my letter. This weekend, my stake is doing an "invite a friend to church" Sunday. Now, we should invite people every week, but this week the talks will be special. I know this probably isn't happening everywhere, but I would invite all to attend the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints this Sunday. It will be a very uplifting experience that will help you feel God's spirit and love for you. It will change your changed mine. 

       I love you all! I know that my Redeemer, Jesus Christ lives. He loves each of us and is waiting to help us...we just have to ask Him. I love you all and hope everyone has a fun, safe week! 

Sister Wilson"

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