Sunday, February 7, 2016

A Really Good Week

Here's Nicole's email from this past Tuesday! :)

"Hey Everyone!! 

     This week was so good!!! I went to the Temple again today, which is why my pday was moved :) It was always! 

     So last Monday we had a Family Home Evening with Katrina. She taught us the message of the Restoration. It was so awesome to hear her testimony!!! I love them so much more than words can describe!!! 

      Tuesday we were in River Ridge and we talked to a lot of people. We love River Ridge so much and hate the thought of losing it....thenWednesday happened. We found out Wednesday night that we're losing River Ridge...effective immediately!!! We were so sad!! Some other elders are taking over now. It was short lived, but it was great! On the bright side of Wednesday, we had a lesson with Jhamee again and she's so awesome!! She has great questions and is really searching! She's going to start reading the Book of Mormon!! We're even going to give her a church tour with Bishop tomorrow and we're so excited!! She's progressing and is loving the message. She believes Joseph Smith to be a prophet and feels good about the things we've been sharing with her!! God is working in her life!! 

      Thursday we gave all of our River Ridge stuff away to the elders :(

      Friday-Saturday we had an exchange! I stayed in Nine Mile with Sister Kruitbosch! I love her!! We had a fun time together and I learned a lot about how I can improve to become a better missionary!! 

      Sunday was weird with only attending one ward. But, it was a good weird! Nine Mile is starting to pick up and we're getting more potentials and finding more investigators! I'm really excited to see where God's going to take this area!! 

     This past week was actually really really good! We talked to a lot of people and are getting better at talking to EVERYONE!!! It makes me so happy to say I'm talking with everyone about Jesus Christ! I feel so accomplished and like I'm really fulfilling my purpose!! I love this calling more than anything in the world!! This Sunday is transfer call/ doomsday. I'm anxious to see what will happen. I love it here. I love all the people I've been blessed to work with and I look forward to seeing what's going to happen for the area's benefit!! I love you all!! Have a great week!! 

Sister Wilson"

 Cole Family

Cole Family 

Sister Kruitbosch 


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