Sunday, April 17, 2016

Miracles are Happening in Orofino

Here's Nicole's email from last week (11th)! 
Our sweet missionary will be home before we know it!

"Hey everyone!!! 

       Tuesday I was in Spokane ALL DAY for MLC (Missionary Leadership Council). It was a meeting for all the mission leaders. It was really good but boy was I exhausted by the time we got home! I'm very thankful for our leaders, though, and all that they do and teach me! 

     Wednesday we saw Donna! It went so well! The session of conference we watched with her was Saturday morning and President Monson didn't speak then. When we went over, she told us "I kept thinking about this the past few days that I never got to hear the prophet speak. So, I went and looked up his talk!" How awesome is that!!! The Lord is working on her and helping her to come to know that we do have a prophet today called of God! We then taught her about the Plan of Salvation and she said she has a desire to have an eternal family. We asked her what she thinks she needs to do to reach that goal....her answer came from conference (: She said, "well, Elder Nelson told a story in his talk about a man who lost some loved ones. Later he learned about and wanted to have an eternal family. He needed to be baptized by the priesthood authority before he could get sealed and have an eternal family". Can I just take a moment to say, I LOVE GENERAL CONFERENCE!!!!!!!!! It was incredible!! She's seriously thinking about what she's willing to do to have that forever family.....miracles are happening in Orofino! That evening we met a less active, part member family named the Sobrevillas. The husband, Martine, is not a member (yet), but is up to learning more. He doesn't really care either way, but we're hopeful, and prayerful, that as we teach him, the Spirit will testify to him and will help him see the importance to our message!! We also saw Sister Burt and taught her the Restoration. Her desire to become more involved in the church is very inspiring :)

      Thursday we saw Perk and set up a time to take him on a church tour this week! We can't wait!!! Church tours are so very powerful! I encourage everyone, member or not, to go on a church tour with the local missionaries, if available!! It is a very powerful experience and you will grow closer to your Savior, Jesus Christ!  I'm so stoked!!! 

      Friday we had Zone training. Haha, Sister Lake and I are the only sisters in our zone and it was a really weird realization at first. I just want to say how much I love learning from them. Part of the training included talking about the Temple and the sacred ordinances we do there. The sacred and respectful way the elders went about discussing it was very powerful. The Spirit that accompanies the Temple is incredible. My testimony was firmly strengthened on the importance of the Temple and gratitude towards God for blessing us with them! I love the Temple so much!! We also met Jerry Hosley, who is also from a part-member family. His wife isn't active in the church but he has a desire to learn more. He said he's been looking for truth for a while and hasn't found it yet. He has a very strong desire to read the Book of Mormon and to learn more. As we taught him the Restoration, he said it makes sense and has never seen the gospel from that perspective, but he likes it!! I can't wait to teach him again!! He's very open and willing! 

     Saturday I got to meet the Collier family. They lived in Utah for a time and went to church for the longest time there. Then they moved to Kamiah and went to church until their house burnt down and had to move to Orofino. This family has a lot of potential and hopefully as we teach them, they will have that desire to act on the teachings of Jesus Christ! Saturday we also got to have a the back of our car :) Because the Colliers live in a small town an hour away, we packed a lunch, pulled off to the side of the road, opened up the trunk, and ate food :) It was really fun! The weather here has been so beautiful and I feel truly truly blessed! 

      Yesterday we partook of the sacrament, which is always one of my favorite parts of the entire week :) So thankful for my Savior and His sacrifice!! 

       That sums up my week. I know it's a super long email this time, but I am truly grateful for all that the Lord has blessed me with. I love Him so much. I love this gospel so much and I love my calling more than anything. I pray everyone will have a wonderful week and will go watch conference if you haven't already. If you have, I encourage you to pick a talk and read it again or study it more in depth.....what a blessing it is to have modern day prophets and apostles...don't take them for granted!! 

With Love,
Sister Wilson"

 Car Picnic

 Car Picnic



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