Sunday, April 3, 2016

Rain is Nothing More than Liquid Sunshine :)

Here's Nicole's email from the week of Easter.

"Happy Belated Easter!

    This week was pretty great!! We got our transfer calls and I am going to Orofino! I will also be a Sister Training Leader, which means I have the responsibility for the other sister missionaries around me and for giving trainings. I am not prepared to be an STL, but I know God is helping me to work hard to the end. It's very bittersweet! I love Nine Mile, but I'm very excited to serve in Idaho for the first time my whole mission :) Because I'm getting transferred, there will be a few photos of some of my favorite families this week and next week :) 

      Tuesday this week we found 2 new investigators! They were a member referral and Sister Blackwell and I had tried them around Christmas and they weren't very interested. Our member told us to go back and show the Easter video so that's what we tried to do. We knocked and the wife, Stacey, answered and said they weren't interested in watching the video. She was about to have us go when her husband ,Chris, in a nearby room (we didn't see him) said something to her that caused her to invite us in. We went into their living room and they had us sit down. Chris said he didn't want to watch the video, but that he "had a lot of blanks that need to be filled". He started asking us questions and at first it seemed like he was going to try to "Bible Bash" us (when people try using the Bible to prove us "wrong"). That got us a little antsy, but a few minutes into it he said, "I've been searching for so long and haven't found what I'm looking for yet. I've never felt like my faith was complete and I want to know what you have. I'm open and I want to know how you can help me". He's willing to do the things we ask him to and he asked us to come back the very next day!! Unfortunately, because of sickness, we haven't seen him again yet, but he said he's definitely looking forward to us coming by again. There are people out there and ready for the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ. If we will just open our mouths and testify of His divinity, we will find them!! I'm very excited to see where Sister Foo and her new companion will take Chris and Stacey. 

     Wednesday we had an all day meeting and a lesson with the Fagers. They have agreed to come on a church tour this week, which is huge for them!! I know when they step into the church building, the Spirit will work on them and help them to feel and come to know of the truthfulness of this message!!! Miracles are happening in Nine Mile!! 

      Friday we saw Katrina and her family again. I don't think I can talk about how much I love this family and how much they have changed me. They will definitely be my hardest goodbye but one of the most joyous reunions when I see them again!! 

     Saturday we went to the Women's General Broadcast. A fun thing happened there...I ran into Cristie Hendrix (doubt I spelled that right) from Texas!! It was so weird to see someone I knew, but so fun! Haha, small world :) Anyways, the broadcast was amazing! If you haven't watched it yet, go to and do so!! It's so great and there was a very obvious theme: service. Serve others. People love service and hearts are softened. Christ was the perfect example of service...all He did was serve others. I challenge you to be more Christlike this week and to reach out and serve those around you. Also, don't miss General Conference this weekend!! Our prophet, apostles and other church leaders will be speaking to us and giving direction and counsel. I know that we have a prophet today, Thomas S. Monson. He has been called of God. He is inspired and we are blessed as we listen to him and follow his counsel...after all, it's really Christ's counsel to us. 

      Yesterday we had wonderful Sunday services that had me in tears. I'm thankful for this season to be able to remember that Christ lives today! One of the speakers said something I loved, "rain is nothing more than liquid sunshine". Yes, it was very rainy yesterday, but this quote reminded me that we can always find something to be happy about or grateful for even in the rains. Rainbows only come after the rain and we end up being grateful for the rain, knowing that it's only because of the rain that we could enjoy something so beautiful. 

       I know this Church is true. I know God and Jesus Christ live. They love us. They will be speaking to us, through prophets, this weekend and I invite all to watch it. I love my Savior. I love this calling. I'm thankful for my time here and for all the miracles that we've seen!! I pray everyone will have a wonderful week!!

Sister Wilson"

 Blindfolded Marshmallow Dodgeball

 Blindfolded Marshmallow Dodgeball



 Sad to leave 9 Mile



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